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Locally find Amha miniature in horses and ponies in the UK and Ireland. Grower of quality AMHA/AMHR miniature horses. Though our miniature horse farm is located in Texas, we have experience selling horses at home and abroad. AMHA and AMHR miniature horses are for sale. She is Bay Pinto AMHA & AMHR Nostalgias Silent Investor out of a Blue Boy broodmare.

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Breathtaking world championship mare.......De Ja Vu......... Dixie Chick- AMHA/ AMHR & IMHPS g. Thanks a lot, Annie, for giving us this great filly. Well, thank you. This is our beautiful newcomer, she is everything we have been looking for and so extraordinarily type-appropriate. She and her parent are champions in their own right and we can see that Bint has the power to be a real champ and to continue in her parents' footsteps.

Hopefully we can get this dam into the ring and raise her later with our own Buckaroo Son. Our thanks go to Joy from Redstone, who gave us such a valuable fillingy. He' a National Grand Champion stallion. We would like to thank Wade and John for letting us have this lovely little one.

The most beautiful neckline and chariot and a beautiful mind and a beautiful eye, extremely ingenious and simply a real miniature animal. Sheza Rosaphia Royal Rebel - Breathtaking minimum Pinto Champion Pinto mare colt up to 32". AMA PQ'd, BMHS Gov. 2014 Show results: Oakridge arenas MHCGB Grand Champ Show - 1. spoiled bangs qualified, 1. limited young ster, 2. AMHA 30-32" young pole, LITTLE single star ATTRACTION - suede suedebuck.

It has been genetically evaluated, EE homozygous for black, AA homozygous for agouti, nCr heterozygous for cream and nZ heterozygous for silver. Sateen is a nice and sophisticated Pinto AMHA filly. Mademoiselle Pure Elegance - AMHA Gov, Silver Bay. Umpleasanna. This is Ellie, the sweetest and kindest girl we've ever known.

Their largest award-winning 2. total reserves Supreme at the Equifest against the thoroughbred horses.


Headquartered in Southern Ireland, we specialise in rearing and exhibiting miniature horses, all of our horses are imported directly from the USA with the best US pedigree and some of the greatest stories. It is our goal to raise the miniature size to perfection.

Our studs are tested in the show ring as well as on the willow. All are AMHA-listed, while many of them are double AMHA/AMHR-listed. The Little King's Buck On Broadway and Willow Creek Dancer's Perfecta have made a significant contribution to our cattery. When you have a passion for horses, there is no other race of horses that can be compared to these smart, funny and willing beasts.

For many years we have promoted, raised and shown the miniature horses, but we could not have picked a better one. I am enthusiastic about the horses I breed and the way the breed program will take, but I am not beyond the addition of new gene.

We have horses from all over America IE Minnesota, Dallas, North Carolina and Kentucky. More than 10 years ago my affection for small horses began, at first it was only my intent to have 2 as my domestic animals, but I didn't know that these 2 small horses would be the beginning of a long obsession for miniature horses.

One or two horses is not enough, as any equestrian enthusiast will tell you. The silversmith now houses over 20 miniature horses, some of which were farmed by himself and others were directly brought from the USA. From the best blood lines we have chosen horses with the right exterior, sophistication, posture, athletics and qualities in a range of lovely colours that specialise in the coveted silver-black genes.

Several horses were already in the USA before being imported, others have set impressive tournament sets in Great Britain and Ireland. Before retiring, all our animals for reproduction are shown in the show ring. We' ve had extraordinary fillies that have proved that it is worth the effort to selectively bring in only the best animals.

The silversmith breeds only a few offspring every year, I believe "less is more", the quest for better value than for more. I do not believe that the flood of the silversmith will secure the miniature horse's upswing. I have achieved amazing results over the years, both with my own horses and with horses that are among the customers who are very durable every year. I wish you lots of fun browsing through my website and do not hesistate to get in touch with me if you have any queries or requests.

Horses are for sale from time to time, foal on the stations from May. Silversmiths have done very well in the show ring and won many British championships at some of the great shows. You can find the results of the wonderful home-bred horses on the silver smith page I am very proud that they have won at the highest levels in the UK.

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