Amplify Horse Feed

Strengthen horse feed

If additional calories are needed to maintain body condition, Purina Amplify Supplement can be added to the horse's daily ration to provide several benefits. I' ve added Amplify to my horse's feed. Me and the horse, like the product.

Amplify High Fat Horse Supplement

Most of today's mares are asked to train at higher performance level with a more intensive training and competitive plan. This increased demand on the bodies increases the calorie requirements to keep an appropriate level of fitness, which often necessitates a higher diet. Purina® horse feed and high grade grass is the best way to ensure a consistent nutritional supply for your horse.

These extremely strained mounts can also profit from a focused, powerful energy resource. PureAmplify® is a rich, carefully selected starch-extruded food additive. If additional carbohydrates are needed to keep the horse in good health, Purina Amplify supplements can be added to the horse's diet to offer several advantages. Start with 1 lb per diet; slowly raise by 0.5 lb/day every two and a half more until the required feed levels are reached.

For the majority of equine animals, the maximal daily feed ration should be 4 lbs Amplify® High-Fat Supplement. Amendments to the feed programmes should be made progressively over a 10 to 14 working week time. Start of feed 60 working nights before race, sales, exhibition or incubation. There are differences in the acceptability of higher-fat foods and dietary supplementation, and as the amount of fats in the food is raised, some animals may begin to show reduced uptake.

In this case, decrease the feed intake or mix Amplify High-Fat Supplement with a small amount of candy. In case your horse is susceptible to dietetically carbohydrate solubility, please contact a vet or dietician for a suggested nutrition. A sufficient feed is necessary to keep the horse's digestion functioning intact.

Give a min. of 1 lb. per 100 lb. per 100 lb. of bodily mass per days of grass or the equivalents. Avoid fast consumption of feed by the horse. Monitor your horse's health every morning and immediately contact your vet if you have any problem. Amplify High-Fat Additive should be used as a complement.

Amplify High-Fat Supplement must not be used as an additive in the production of animal feed. The use of more than 0,3 parts per million of the overall food intake of the plant is forbidden. If Amplify® High-Fat Supplement is administered as advised, it provides no more than 0.3 parts per million (ppm) of Selenium for the entire nutrition. Never feed mouldy or bug-prone food as it can lead to disease or even mortality.

It has been produced in a feed production plant that does not manage or stock anything containing protein from animals that is banned in ruminants.

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