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Clinton was born and raised in Australia and grew up with a love of horses. is an Australian-American natural equestrian rider. Developed a training program called Downunder Horsemanship. Find out more about the Clinton Anderson Horse Training Method, also known as Downunder Horsemanship.

Let's talk about this: Anderson Clinton Video Controversy

Look at the whole story where so many folks talk to each other and then join the debate. Clinton Anderson has documented the educational processes of his young stallion "Titan" in his preparation for the NRHA Futurity Reinining. Like many of the "horsemanship personalities" who are selling their techniques and produce to the horse-loving audience, Anderson has both fan-loving and vocal criticism, and his latest section in the Titan line has led to quite a bit of debate.

Have a look at the respective movie and make your own decision. It' s only about 15 min long, but we think it is important to look at the whole clip in its full scope to get a good impression. Anderson' thinking, do you or do you not think you will? Everybody has an idea, and everybody has the right to speak it civilly.

Anderson Clinton really knows how to abuse two-year-olds.

Clinton Anderson was just the knee of the bee... if I was in love with men who like to pull, twist and kick on young horseback. But it seems that there are many females, which is what makes Clinton Anderson and Shades of Grey so popular. Thus here you go Clinton Anderson Stalker... almost an hours of it overwhelming (several) young horse for you to enjoy your eye on him.

I have been horse rider since I was 9 years old and have been in Love with a horse since the date of my birth. I live with my man Jason in Washington, two ponies and our four canines.

Anderson Clinton Horse Training

"Die Methode", his objective and efficient way of training humans in the art of riding by winning regard and gain over the horse, makes him a very beloved doctor. Clinton was originally from Australia and grew up there, but now lives in the USA. He is a famous horse trainer with experience in both stallion training and reintroduction.

Clinton Anderson special thin cord holster with knot over noseband to prevent leant is used. In addition, a 14-foot cable and a rigid fibreglass "handstick" and cord are used to help the horse interact and sometimes "beat" when needed. The horse education of Clinton Anderson begins in the Round pen.

Using round pens to take command of the horses' legs, he begins to win his respects. In the Clinton Anderson horse trainings, the drills given are very specialized and are performed in an accurate order. The Clinton follows an accurate procedure in performing the tutorial. These include the purpose of the practice and frequent traps that the trainer may be exposed to.

There are also frequent horse responses at the beginning of the exercises, basic course or beginner stages, middle and upper stages. Students will also find a brief course on floor techniques and a number of DVDs on subjects such as young horse education, bridleless horse back and gait horse work.

As with other naturals, the Clinton Anderson horse trainer has its own pay group. "At Clinton Anderson's No Worries Club you will be part of an on-line chats club for approximately 20 months and receive additional education DVDs and newsletter. Clinton Anderson's techniques make it easy to get going at home, but if you have more experience or need more personalized education, there are Clinton Anderson Clinics.

At Clinton we have instructors who are certificated to instruct his methods and travels throughout the state. So if you don't want to do all the work yourself to train the horse, you can buy a Clinton Anderson Signature horse or a Clinton Anderson Performance horse. Anderson Clinton Signature sold Clinton horse for about $30k and have completed at least 60 of Clinton's drills.

Under Clinton's direction, they are taught by his trainees. They are promoted as sound for every type of horse riding from beginners to intermediate. His performance horse for purchase is the only way to buy a horse that Clinton has coached himself and is for those who want to participate in NRHA levels re-ining contests.

The Clinton Anderson Horse Trainer provides the horsewoman with many options such as DVD's, booklets, hospitals, walkabout tour stops and club memberships to exercise and indulge a horse while using his own efficient horse exercise technique.

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