Antique Horse Bits

Ancient horse bits

Ancient rustic horse bit, hand-forged forge, horseback riding, farm, western. This is a collection of antiques and old horse parts, with an explanation of their origin. Guide to the identification and evaluation of collective bits.

Ancient Horse Bit

ANTIQUE WROUGHT IRONS HORSE BITS PINCK ROLLED MEXICAN WESTERN CARRIAGE GROUP? OUTDATED USED. "5" aluminum horseshoes. An antique horse is for sal. It' an antique horse made of steel. An Old Horse Bite with gold plating is for sal. This chisel has some superficial corrosion, but is otherwise in good shape.

5 " mouthpiece quadratic connection. Vintage Antik / Vintage Horse Bits, Lot of Two Maker Marke " Star Steel Silver " One Prize for both , vendu comme. unquote. unpaid. Ancient ("Antik" approx. end of 1800 or beginning of 1900). state:: Genuine good state for its ages, regular abrasion anticipated. Aluminium Vintage Horse Dentures? - The Crockett antique engraving with pin?

They are all quite smooth but need to be cleansed and lubricated. There are no markings on leathers, but I have..... Refer to pictures for the state. Lotus of two mouthpieces antique lether ponies pieces ring loosely ring, mouthpieces loosely ring, chin strap with cheeks? The article must however be in a NEW state, not used.

The Hilason Saddles & Tack. There is a truly ancient ancient California S. Barbra bits spade tall ports bits 1800's high. Copper rolls manual engraving on the sides of large old state..... Horses teeth with very nice ornamental work - on one side a big brick, on the other side the brick is not there.

It is a really old antique Spade High Portbit from the manufacturer Quick marks old raw 5 inchbits. Beautiful old state..... VERY-ROMARIAN OE 1879 WHITMAN'S BRASS ANTIQUE CANDLE. Those parts are very uncommon! It is really old and TESTED in TANTASTICCONDITION.

It has a 5/8" high connection. There is a hallmark on the mouth piece (weak, but it is there). Ancient ('30s). state:: In good shape for its old age. Normal abrasion anticipated. These bridles with copper eagle rosettes from the 1st World War and thigh bites were found 30 years ago during a property sales. That' a horse of steel.

For your thought, this antique cutie ferrous horse dentures, no mark. This was a favourite place to train draught horse.

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