Antique Horse Books

Ancient horse books

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Is there a reason for using collective horse books? "Since I was a very young woman, I've been in love with books. Actually, I still have some of the very first books I ever had - and yes, most of them are about horse. "While some of them are classic books you've probably seen, such as Black Beauty and My Friend Flicka, others are lesser-known books, such as those by this great Cowboy author, Will James and others.

"is the first horse workout manual I've ever reread. "Writing about the art of riding and feeling, Charles Williamson encourages the reader to watch the horse and - far back in the 1950s - think in front of today's Natural Horse Semanship movements. A cornerstone of his soil education and riding education was the turn in the first hand, which many contemporary clinicians say is the clef to their method - today it is mentioned by many people, such as loosening or loosening the hind hand or giving in, but it is actually a turn in the first hand.

"Several of the retention techniques in Williamson's books (used in the film "The Horse Whisperer") are not necessary for ordinary horse education, but here is one of the few books she deals with. So, for historic interest, this is a mythical work. "Williamson's books have put me on the right path - to influence my philosophy of exercise and my own personal styles, to hear the horse, to work with the horse and not against it, to create a thorough floor education programme.

I' ll try to keep available on my website a copy of this difficult to find (out of print) classical so that you can also take advantage of Williamson's good advise. "Others horse books, like Jesse Beery, Biggle and Gleason, are listed here because of their collector's value and interest. You will also find out about some veterinarian and educational practices that really date back to the Middle Ages.

Many horse lovers and reader, like myself, are intrigued by these early works, so I am offering them for their historic interest."

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