Antique Horse Harness for Sale

Ancient harness for sale

Age-old HORSE COLLAR YOKE HARNESS HAMES with painting. Picked up this horse neck from a yard sale and decorated a wall in my log cabin. Buy, sale and safe with Canada's No. 1 local classifieds.

Receive a warning with the latest announcements of "antique harnesses" in Ontario. Sponsorship: large selection of bracelets, harnesses, high-grade steal parts. Land sale. The medallion is made of best quality bras. Hanging harness 10 inch inclusive clasp. $90 2. Ancient armchair frames.

Fifty three dollars. Three antique massive wooden panels. Ninety $4th Whitepillar Forty $5th Pack of antique wooden items. Twenty and a half dollars. Harness. I' ve got 3 different horse harnesses made of massive woods (not sure, as they are called). The top one is the most beautiful, clean and has the most beautiful piece of work.

An antique horse harness made of antique vinyl I used to decorate my walls. And I think I also have a mounting for it, but not safe (mounting not antique). Great antique horse antique neck harness Passe Saddle with ham Very old, antique horse boots, hide, wood straps and necklaces. These is a weighty harness for horses excellently mounting.....

The Vintage Horse and Sulky Harness Racing Hood Ornament surface shows some oxidative shipment from Canada Post is available. Decorative antique nickel-plated nickel-plated nickel-plated steel horse or harness covers from 1" to 2 1/2" dia. "1 "1" bell $5th each, 1 1/2" bell $10th each, 1 3/4" bell $15th each, 2" bell $20th each and 2 1/2" bell $25th each.

T harness ..... 1.) Ancient 28 " Whipletree with 17 " handcarved wooden crafted crab with 5 small antique pendant bronze bell, which cost $60. 2) Two antique horse harnesses bronze bell on an old band of genuine wooden..... Ancient 28 " Whipletree with 17 " handcarved wooden crafted crab with 5 small massive bronze pendants that cost $60. 2.

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