Appaloosa Miniature Horse for Sale

Miniature Appaloosa horse for sale

and Appaloosas. This is a rare opportunity to buy a rare pure Falabella miniature horse. Beautiful, loud, black Appaloosa, good heart, good behavior. Give your foals beautiful colours and patterns with this pretty Appaloosa stallion. It is AMHA/AMHR registered and is offered for sale.

The Falabella range

GROSSHILL'S EL REY, an AMHA National Top Ten Sen. Horse licensed by AMHA, AMHA & AMHR, is our Sr. FALABELA Sire. He is a very well known false-bred Argentinean horse - a real "macho" and is known as a top sire with excellent pedigree.

The Falabella flock was chosen to enhance the exceptionally high level of exterior, sophistication, motion and natural beauties of the Falabella herds. We' ve tried to choose a line that is a little bit exclusiv and one-of-a-kind and as close as possible to the Argentina Farms. Besides El Rey, who comes from the Argentinian ranch in "utero", two of our price broodmares are themselves Argentinean importers, and we are very proud to own them.

The main stud, SWEETWATER'S TEXAS SPOTTY, is a suede Appaloosa with a big eyes, a good balance trimming drum, an erect throat that he can really catch and a nice skull. The Castle Rock Miniature Horse Ranch, in western Florida, about 1 hours country side of Sarasota/Bradenton, is no longer an operative herd.

It was our aim to show, manufacture and market competition and familiy ponies of the highest qualities, with outstanding exterior, motion, personality/colour. Yet time is changing and living conditions have shifted, so we are now mentoring schools that help them create a horse that receives superior individual attention on a regular basis, from supervised feeding to regular preventive healthcare, which includes vaccination, worm control, hoof treatment, nursing and dentistry.

We want to love the horse as a one-of-a-kind personality, and our aim is to help others get the most out of each of their ponies, maximise their strength and minimise their weakness through a meticulously chosenĀ breed. EVERY one of our Falabella ponies was singularly specific because PURE Falabellas are rar.

Falabellas alone make up a small part of the constantly increasing number of AMHA and AMHR recorded American miniatures. In honour of the Falabella horse, Castle Rock founded an overseas federation devoted to the conservation of this exceptional horse race. The Falabella Internacional Conservation Associacion (FIPA) is of the opinion that a miniature horse that can be traced back 100% of its pedigree to the Argentinean horse should be honoured as a Fallabella miniature horse.

We' re happy that all our Falabella ponies and colts were either imported directly from Argentina or could track their pedigree back to Argentina. On our FIPA website http://falabellainternational. com/ you will find information and references to breeder organisations devoted to the conservation of these particular small animals. Whilst most of our little ones had the exterior and pedigree for the shows, we wanted the first owner to be able to enjoy both Falabella's and miniature US horses' uniqueness and encouraging them to see the best horse in the whole wide range, the MINIATURE horse.

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