Appaloosa Shetland Pony for Sale

Shetland Appaloosa Pony for sale

Locally find appaloosa Shetland in horses and ponies in the UK and Ireland. I broke it myself to be a lead rein pony. Sell because of illness of the owner. That group is for people in Missouri to post miniature horses or ponies they have for sale. Explore Appaloosa Horses for sale on America's largest horse marketplace.

Apaloosa Pony for sale - Pets & Pets

Appaloosa 4 year old mezzo. Appaloosa 4 year old mezzo. Love appaloosa minihorse available part loans 2-3 day a weekend inc workdays. 2 hours of pony. 12-year-old model juvenile/adult pony he re finished R.C., PC. Sale: breathtaking eye-catcher 15hhh X breathtaking 15yr X appaloosa filly, known as pepa to her mates.

In search of a fast sale, so open for deals. I' m looking for an additional horseback for my two ponies, Jazzy and Crackers. 1 / 2 appaloosa x. Very striking filly who likes to leap, she really has to be kept in constant work..... 15hhhh appaloosa filly, 6 years old. Just for sale due to abandoned relationships and illness.

2hhhh Appaloosa Gelding 13 years old fabulously allrounder has recently come back from a home loan where he has lived for eight years..... Loverly striking filly looking for interested persons. Very sorry sale? Extreme sorry sale of our beautiful stream. It is a holland warm blood appaloosa 15.3hh.

So Heather is a well-assorted, home-grown pony. Mérlin is a 14th 1h, 11 year old Appaloosa gelding. This is a 138 year old Appaloosa Gelding. Two appaloosa fillies.

The Appaloosa Falabella x Shetland pony in Norwich, Norfolk.

Beautiful 7-year-old colorful Cob filly, with pass, likes to chop (prefers company), very beautiful likes attention/care. Rides were done by kids, but not by beginners. 14hhhh 8 years old beautifully natureured simple to do Travelling Traveller catching well in transport pass prepared to go riding by kids,

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Ad Manager Job Title : DON'T buy a stallion from the seller unless you are lucky that you are following all the advices on the listing. Our comprehensive information booklet on equine life for prospective newcomers. If he apologizes or tries to ask for payment or a down payment without seeing the animal, or if the seller tries to bring the animal or see you in a place other than his own home, please do not do so.

Do NEVER make funds on-line for any animal. We would like you to take a look at our articles on how to avoid possible fraud. When you are not sure if the ad is real, please let us know. Does the stallion have more than 6 month? The minimum period of life for an animal is 6 month before it can abandon its mother.

This can be hard for the general public to verify that a particular animal is fit or not, so if you choose to accept or buy the animal, make sure you get a veterinarian to carry out a full vet evaluation of the animal before agreeing to buy the animal.

Before you buy a pony or equine, please check our equine advice. What breed of horses is best for me?

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