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COMMITMENTS (paid by date of sale): Have a look at our horses for sale to get more evidence of what we have to offer. Welcome to BLS Horse Sale In order to further redefine our guideline, if the animal is sold on Saturday of our sale at 18.00 hrs, the animal will be warranted a further 42 hrs noon Monday afternoon for another time. At BLS Horse Sale, what we regard as tone is that you can see from both your eye, good in the sky, you can see the floor tone on all four of them and not in the manger.

Broodmares - There are two types of broodmares that can be sold: EMPOSED - defines as "exposed to a stallion", not warranted as breed, but may be. ODER - WARRANTED oder - warranted breeding - the filly is for sale. Their trust in our sales makes a big difference! for you! We see ourselves selling - and think of it - at BLS, We Like Forces!

One FILE number for each animal follows the shipment information and specification. That number is a credential number that you can use when calling our offices for more information about a shipment. IT IS NOT THE ORDER OF THE HIP NUMBER OR SALES NUMBER. The number is merely a utility that you can use to research a programme before you publish the catalogue.

For a full chip order 9 workingdays before the date of purchase, click on the above mentioned Current Catalog to order the product. AQHA Brown Mare x Black Cat Olena x High Brow Cat aus Dualin Play x Dual in Play x Dual Out. 2016 AQHA Brown Cat x Black Cat Olena x High Brow Cat aus Dualin Play x Dual Out. Launched, videoclip of journey 26 will have 45 journeys according to sales hours.

Hochbraue cat grandmother. High-brown cat and Dual/ Dual Pep kennel kits. Fatherly grandfather High Brow Cat with NCHA father, fatherly grandmother Little Chexy Lena 37.280. Motherly Grandfather Dual 251,698 miracle wins of over 2 million. TA DA GRIND â" 2013 AQHA sorrel Wallach x BestCreditMeSunFrost x Sun Frost from Garnetta x Grindstone.

Fourth horse up, thoroughbred down. REGISTERED AQHA, Appendix Certificate. The ROPE SESSION: What Bob is putting on sale this year! Mr. Bob McIlhattan is a pensioned AQHA judge and director of AQHA's benefits division. They' re soft and broken holsters when Bob puts them up for sale.

The Peppy has a good basis for the work of the cowhorse lines both above and below. His father's twistin high from high chicaro. Its grandfather on the backside is Peppy San Badger, commonly known as âLittle Peppyâ. An excellent father, he was admitted to the AQHA Hall of Fame.

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