Aqha all around Horses for Sale

all around Aqha horses for sale

All-round APHA with supervisors in Open & AM HUS, HSE & SMS. Perfect for a young or inexperienced amateur and even quiet enough for a walk jogger.

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The Twenty Four, "Jack", is the real all-round equine with over 1500 lifelong APHA points and several world show placings in the top 5 and top 10. Complete est le meilleur de l'équitation occidentale, Sentier, Equitation, Plaisir équestre, Plaisir de l'Ouest, Chasse sous la selle, Equitation de siège de chasse, Showmanship, Hunter Hack, und Seasure Horsemanship, Conduite d'agrément.

His supervisors are in the areas of Halter, Showmanship, Horsemanship, Hunt Seat Equitation and Trail. With the APHA Jack has deserved his youth championship, amateur championship and amateur versatility. He has the extraordinary capacity to compare the abilities of his horseman with those of his fellow passenger and will take someone very far in his wearer. He has a constant, sincere approach that makes him a pleasure to be around and extremely simple to practice and show.

Final statistics, Leader lists

Every prize laureate receives a free pass to the Awards Celebration. Laureates were notified by post and e-mail with further information about their free pass and the possibility of purchasing further passes. 2017 Junior Year Final Champions will still be honoured at the 2018 Ford Tough Abu Dhabi AQHYA World Championship Show Parade in Oklahoma City.

The horses are recognised in the open class, while the youngsters and beginners with a single animal are recognised in each class. Prizes are awarded at each ceremony for open, non-professional and junior departments. Highest point earner at roomie standard will be appreciated in any case. The highest point earner of stage 1 will be honored in any case.

High Point Adequan Holders of Adequan Levels 2 (Intermediate & Progressive) who have collected points in Levels 2 levels will be eligible. The highest point earner of stage 3 who has collected points in the stage 3 class will be recognised in any case. In any case, open young and high point older horses will be honoured.

Top open stallions / mares / geldings will be recognised in any case. Every year several all-around prizes are awarded at the end of the year: To be eligible for the year-round, all-year-round maximum points, points must be awarded at the same level and must contain a holster or performace holster and at least two of the power classes specified in Rule SHW803.

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