Aqha Horses for Sale

Åqha horses for sale

Find American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) horses for sale. One of the most common breeds in America, quarter horses are known for their short bursts of speed. A Quarter Horse racehorse and an American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) showhorse, he competed in cut and halter classes. Training & show AQHA & APHA around horses. If you would like to see current price changes or sales, please call us.

Sale of horses at Fort Worth Ranch

Rodeohosted and Fort Worth Stock Show three farm horse shows. Best of the Remuda Sale and Select Breeders Sale 2018 took place on January 13. Invitational Horse Show and Sale was on January 14. Best of Remuda sale had catalogued 162 heads, with 159 selling for a total of $219,500 Gross, an intersection of $3,784 per capita.

His best-selling was the 2003 brown Gelding Waggoners Pick, which was selling for $8,600. Mandalay Bay" is a sixes pick gelding by Mr. Solano Smoke mare Smoky Solano Badger. He is the Four Sixes-bred Versatility Ranch Horses father and winner of the year. Coming from Jimbo Glover's strings, he was described as a soft all-rounder.

Selecting Breeders Sale sells nine horses for an avarage of $8,155. Two horses, both of which were for sale for $12,000, split the highest prize. Breeded by Jackie Dayberry, Egomanicat was owned and managed by Harris Riverbend Farms. Breed by Pitchfork Land & Cattle Co., he was marketed by Bob Moorhouse.

The Invitational Ranch Horse Show and Sale saw 14 horses sell for an annual price of $17,038.46. It has earned both in the National Pure ed Horse Association and Ranch Horse Association of America contest. The Peptotivio TRR was finally offered for $25,000. Reserved winner was Royalrock Hancockrab, a 2010 grey gelding by PG Shogun out of the Hesa Eddie Hancock filly Driftin Grey Eddie out of the breeding of Rob A. Brown from Stinnett, Texas.

Royal Rock Hancockrab was bought for $26,000. It has been farmed and marketed by Pete Bonds and is ranching heritage capable. Sign up for the Ranch Horse Journal today.


Photopage in the sales catalogue: 150 extra for the opposite page in the printed catalogue. Default Photofee: $50 - include the creation and use of photographs in your on-line review, e-mail review and other mail. - Get 8 or more horses of the highest standard and place your horses in a sequentially named group (maximum 10).

  • Get a special turning point. - Reception Final stand for signposting.

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