Aqha Race Horses for Sale

Auqha Race Horses for sale

Colour: Grey Browse through our great horses for sale. The records were broken during the three-day sale, which ended on Saturday. We' re happy to offer these fine American Quarter Horses for sale. THE AQHA SIRES IN THE CURRENT YEAR. This site was created for people who only want to sell or buy AQHA race horses.

Who we sell our horses to

Nice, big, brawny AQHA walking filly! Faithful to his family tree, this type is very typical. Outstanding views for the race track or the playpen! Easy-six is a deep blackened Quarter Horse sire. When you want to lift your next race or run champ, this is the horse you can use for breeding!

Only the best of AQHA lines of runners and blood! Hemp kits 1D Barrel Champion and 1D Champion Producer. Moon Shadow SI-101, 1a2 AQHA kit. AQHA Moon Lark World Champion $859,356. Kitsooease Multi Stakes placed, 9 victories. hemp bollard barrel winner of 5, a top rodeo/barrel father. The Trimore Multi Race winner.

Lanty's Easy Jet Multi Stake's winner $120,236. And Golly Moses wins 10th race! The 1D Bottle and Bottle Cups. Series AQHA Race SI-99/AAA/ROM/Superior 19-13-4-0, $859.356 World Champion Renn-Colt. Several bets placed, race winner, $24,646 race profits. Wager winner from 5 to 4, $25,020. Father of several AAAT & AAA father of several bets winner leader rodeo and barrels mare.

Multi Bet Winner, AQHA SI-104, AAAT, ROM Race, SW, 19-10(2)-5(2)-1(1) $473,937. Subsidiary of RIME (Multiple Stakes Winner, 102 Index, $104,848 profit) and subsidiary of MITO! AQHA-race horses (extremely powerful horse on AQHA race horses. race winner). $445.723 Gains de course, enjeux multiples Gagnant, indice de vitesse-100, ROM de course, cheval de course supérieur, AQHA Hall of Fame 1969 Champion mondial Quarter Race Horse 1969 Champion Quarter Race Horse 1969 Champion Quarter Race Quarter Race Race Race 2YO Kolt 1970 Champion Quarter Race Horse 1970 Champion Quarter Race Race 3YO Kolt Won All-American Fut.

Father of many AAAT, Stakes Winners and Superior Race Horses.

Sector News

His Limitless chooses the All Ageen Derby. Hot stepper has a second shot at All Avenue. Ranking of the horses for the big week-end. Probably the All America favourite is homemade. The Grant Farm breeds 30 per cent of the All Area. The long-time Quarter Horse breeder Rodney and Sylvia von Ohlen will be honoured on September 1st.

Autumn Quarter-Horses Meeting of the course starts on 21 September. In The Sky is hoping that the All A. Futurity will quickly lead to success. Afullmoon, Dashnunder, Germany - the world' s largest baby flea market. Celebration of the first 40 years of the deceased driver's All America Futurity victory on the course.

ruidoso added the pure marefoal race for 2020. The Moonflash Numbers zog ins All Americain Futurity Finale ein. The Louisiana Riders are strongly urged to participate in the Gather. A tenth-grader with a length of three fourths and a ratio of 17:1 is the winner. This 10-year-old horse won his first bet on Sunday. This Louisiana bay ed stallion foal does the work on Sunday.

This home-bred horse overtakes his 18-1 quota and gains his first bet. This is a summary of non-graded missions and experiments. This home-bred horse achieves his first operational success on Sunday. A tenth-grader with a length of three fourths and a ratio of 17:1 is the winner. This 10-year-old horse won his first bet on Sunday.

The KR Streakin Version is leading the peloton on Sunday. This Californian broodmares wins her second race on Sunday. This home-made horse wins his first bet. On Sunday, the 4-year-old baywinner wins her first race. On Saturday the home-bred horse reaches his 11. birthday. Nomination and maintenance of August 1 payment The horse keeps its balance on the racetrack perfectly sound.

PYC Paint Your Wagon Wallach wins his second bet on Friday. To topple the first overnight of the two-night sale. Record-breaking sales took three days, which ended on Saturday. The half-franchised Sir EC Gray of the Champions Open Me A Corona surpasses the second of the three days of sales.

Selling Heza Fast Dash Gun for $200,000 to exceed the first of three days of sale. A Famous Eagle filly is the bestseller on the first two days of sale.

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