Aqha Yearlings for Sale

Ageha Yearlings for sale

Explore Colt Quarter Horses for sale on America's largest horse marketplace. Fast, catlike, athletic AQHA colt. Regardless of how you make your decision, the "AQHA Best of the Remuda Sale" facilitates the process. Threefold registered APHA/AQHA/PtHA gelding and also qualifies for ABRA & IBHA.


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Don't answer any races, please. Look out my other colts and steers for sale on my Barbie Rose Ranch page, completely scale down the time axis, each has their own pick albums ad listings.


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Submit for TQHA Yearling Sale now.

Submit for your next yearly sale at this time. Submit for your next yearly sale at this time. Delivery time for the Texas Quarter Horse Association 2018 annual sale ends May 1. Sale is from 27th to 28th July. For the 2018 edition of 2018 Annual TQHA: For further information please call Rob Werstler or ATB Caren Nelson-Pettersen at 512-458-5202.

The New Yearlings Piles Sale offers more opportunities for purchasers

A hundred and twelve year olds appeared at the Super Sale Preview on Friday, October 21, 2016. Over the last eighty years, the increasing number may be due to the new Yearling Sale Stakes Session.  This is an occasion for those looking to buy top of the range Westerns Pleasure Horses Views.

In order to be entitled to participate, the purchaser must have paid a maintenance charge when buying the horses. That year he put two yearlings up for sale. Included in the collection is IM SUDDENLY INVITED, a brown filly out of RL BEST OF SOUTHDEN and INVITE ME AGAIN. Another mares for sale is another brown filly from the line Lazi She Will BE, LAziy Opera and Good She Will BE.

The handling is very important for Cecil when it comes to the education of his yearlings. Katie Kennedy comes from Ocala, Florida and specialises in the education of yearlings. It has four yearlings, which it prepares for customers in this year's bid. It is Kennedy who is very acquainted with this sale, as it has been on the market for 40 years.

If Kennedy has yearlings, she doesn't know what she's saying. LOPE FOR THE BEST, a brown filly out of RL BEST OF SOUTHDEN and LOPE THE LINE is one year old. She also has THE ROAN ROCKER, a brown bay bay colt by LAZY LAOPER and GET READY TO ROCK.

Newcomers to the Sale Congress are Shane and Darla Leavell from Simpsonville, Kentucky. That year they sold three yearlings. One brown chestnut foal they have for sale is MEEPING IT COUNTRY out of MEEPING IT GOOD and IMA CHUNKYCHIP. Iowa, Springville, Mary Joe and Brian Hamrick have just returned a year old boy to this year's Congress Sale.

Mr. Brian is the Director of the Northeast Iowa Quarter Horse Association, or District 2. As Hamrick said, they bring up their yearlings to be around the horse, and horse qualitiy is their greatest asset in the breed. This yearlings and many others will be sold off at the Super Sale tomorrows fiftieth annual congress.

The sale will take place at 10 am and the presentation will start at 9:30 am. Professional Horse Services, LLC's Mike and Stephanie Jennings can be reached at 855-272-3905 or if you have any queries.

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