Arabian Dressage Horse for Sale

Arab dressage horse for sale

It is a good choice for someone who is looking for a hand horse, a very nice sport horse, dressage, Western or English or/and a great broodmare. Arab Warmblood Cross for sale at Warmblood In 2001 15.2 Half Arabian Half Hands gelding. The FEI Schoolmaster successfully led through Intermediate I. Comprehensive show records include regional and national victories.

Showcased first class training and dressage on the Florida racetrack, with points from low to middle of the 70s. The horse was National Top Ten Show Hack, In-Hand Dressage Typ and In-Hand J├Ągertyp with 563.5 performance points and received her Legion of Masters/Excellence ++++//.

Because Becca would be perfect for a dedicated Arab dressage rider. Forrest is a true eye-catcher. Hunter, take him to AHA Youth Nationals or AHA Sport Horse National. She' s a thoroughbred Arab. She is extraordinarily cute and likes to connect with her character, she likes hiking and barebacking.

The FEI Schulmeister Wallach for sale, cheap! Schoolmaster FEI for sale! Extremely competetive in the open dressage arena or the Arabian Horse Association, National Champion Buster Bey+///! In 2013 Reserve National Champion National Interm├ędiaire 1 und 2011 National Champion Sport Horse Show Hack ! There are too many national top 10 and regional championships to be listed here!

Arabian Cross dressage for sale

Two-handed, 9 years old, thin broodmare with crossbred stripes on her feet out of one.... This is Circus Luna CR by my Pinto saddle stallion Circus Dancer, who is the father of many champions ..... The breathtaking 2012 16th 2 Hands Arabian-Dutch gelding "Harley" is in training for dressage in the second class. "Jackie " is a 14 + Hands 2016 bay 7/8 Arabian fillies.

Three hours Arab crucifix. She has an unbelievable talent in many different fields, from stamina to hunting the West.... The Dude is an 8-year-old chestnut tobacco coloured gelding. Mmm.

E.A. Cygnus+/// | Prairie Rose Dressage Training Center

Mimi Stanley on board made EA Cygnus+// (1990-2013) the only Arab to receive the Adequan/USDF Jr/Young Rider Grand Prix Horse of the Year award. The Cygnus was also the first Arabian and second horse of each race to receive a USDF Horse Performance Certificate at EVERY dressage step - practice to Grand Prix - which required more than 90 qualifications.

Having passed an amazing 75 USDF Grand Prix events in his entire careers, Cygnus is one of the 50 best dressage stallions of all times - alive or gone, and of all breeds - for the number of USDF Grand Prix results. The Arabian Sport Horse Magazine voted Cygnus Dressage Horse of the Year 2013.

Big donkeys aren't often simple donkeys. However, there are living equines, but only for those who are so skilful, discreet and brave that they can release and then manifest the splendour of their mates. Cygnus and Mimi News: Movie of Mimi and Cygnus, 2012 Sporthorses Nationals:

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