Arabian Horses for Adoption

Arab horses for adoption

Locate Arab rescue horses that want to be adopted. It is our mission to help find a good home for Arab rescue workers. Arabic horses are herd animals and comfort themselves by having at least one other horse friend, so remember when you think of accommodating your newly adopted Arabic horse on your own property. Oriented towards Arabian horses, but open to all breeds. It must be possible for the adopter's expectations of the horse to be met by the horse.


The 26.6. this twister took out the rooftop, the electric cabling, the traverses and some partitions, which made our rear stable unusable, which normally accommodates 10 horses in bad conditions, especially in cold winters. Once the rooftop was demolished, it was blown over the front stable together with its supporting girders (6x6s 4' in the floor), which caused damages to the rooftop, which now needs to be repaired, and planted the metals and girders on the electricity wires.

Drilling in the front part of the barns destroyed about 100 stacks of grass in the attic, fortunately no damages to the wall or stables in the attic. Our inner ballpoint pen's slide gate was ripped off, traces and everything, ripped to pieces and hung in the small 5-foot corridor between the shed and the ring.

The fence was ripped apart and crushed by breeze and dropping tree, our 2-horse trailers were slid into the trailers, resulting in framing damages on the smaller trailers and side damages on the large trailers, as well as blown away the doors and breaking through the windshields on our trucks.

We demolished our henhouses, our fences and our stables, a supply truck that we use for storing, got broken and some small damages to the cottage. Normally we accommodate about 40 horses and every little place we have is used. Now we are offering elderly relief to those who have horses, who suffer or will suffer, who are too old to be back home, or who are untenable due to old age, injuries or negligence.

Many thanks to all those who have already made a donation & the MR Foundation. They click and make a donation, quickly and easily. Many thanksggiving, Vielen Dank an die Petfinder, Purr N' Pooch Foundation & die MR Foundation, Tuleta White, Patricia Lee, Laurie Booth, On Shore Foundation, Judy & Howard Strauss Foundation, Debra Shearer, Barbara Podowski, Carol Aligretti,

The Zadek Family Foundation, Baum Sanitär & Heizung, Ray & Nora Tatum Charitable Foundation, Gayle Christie, Jil Boatright, Leslie Stevens, Shawn Torrence, Susan Cooper, Richard Godinez, Victoria Marone, M. et Mme Richard Keefe, Gethrel Bradfield, Paul Giesey, Starline Arabians, Margaret Thompson, Judith Bradford, Heminia Sayre, Colonel Carol Edgington, Diana Bingham, M et Mme.

There are some horses we can accommodate down there, but without the resource to feed them, we cannot accommodate them. Need your help to keep our KY Farms running, one that is able to help so many horses by making a donation now! Should you have any item that you would like to contribute to our auction in the near term, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us here!

Cups, hoods, sweaters, tanks, t-shirts and fluffy coats are available, as well as horses' delicacies. Every one with one of our beautiful bailouts. There are 12 horses in NJ, of which 8 are resident, and there are now up to 35 in KY, 11 are resident.

Would you like to help us feeding one of our horses? Subscribe for a free gift by clicking the Subscribe To Month ly Giving Buttons, make a one-time tax-deductible gift by clicking the GIVE Buttons, or call one of our animal feeding companies or health care institutions to make a direct gift! Do not forget to include or highlight the Arabian Reserve on your contributions.

To help us help them, please scrolling down to the bottom of this page and click on GIVE! Why are we rescuing Arabs, asks men? By clicking on the link and downloading the viveiSearch bar, EVERY buy you make in one of the assigned shops will contribute a percent of your total purchases to ARM.

Now you can request a Capital One Visa with the ARM emblem and one of our renowned rescuers. Show our proud emblem and make money for ARM every times you use this badge. Often your usual destinations are reached, you use our Visa cards to make payments and our horses receive feed, lodging and hey.

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