Arabian Miniature Horse

Arab Miniature Horse

Visit and see some of the most Arabian miniature horses in the world. Our only focus is the breeding of a beautiful and refined Arabian miniature horse that is capable of winning at world show level. Our speciality is the production of miniature Arabian horses with halter and performance. We specialize in miniature Arabian stallion horses, international miniature horses, Wisconsin dog breeders, miniature horse breeders Wisconsin and more! Miniature American horses (AMHA) have a standard close to pure Arab breeds.


THEY' ALL THE HORSE WILL BE SOLD. ARABIAN NIGHT DANCER In the picture above at the age of 10 years! ...We are diligent breeder of really Arabic influenced miniature showporses with often focused pinto-genetic. Each brood mare and every colt has been chosen according to their appearance, type of movement, type of movement and Arabic characteristics.

Many miniature growers aspire to create a "tribe" of miniature Arabians, but none of us have the ideal Arab flock that produces Arab herds. It is my belief that the days are not far away and that we have more Arabic traits per person than most......and feedbacks from MUCH full-fledged Arabic breeders/successful Arabic coaches, some of whom have more than 30 years of experiences with them, agree with this notion.

Also we have the top quality of the nation, as our World Grand Champion titles prove. It would be our pleasure to place one of our ponies with you! and we often give it to your offspring: Have a look at the Krupps of these ponies.... They are the longest, shallowest Krupps (Araby!) you can find!

Also note that we have some of the fewest Arab backs out there!!!!!!..... remember that real Arabs have fewer fins than other races, so these few really are Arabic! When you look at the miniature mares of many races, they have very long backs and very long, very sloping croup, which leads to lower rod approaches..... this is the opposite of what I am bred for. a characteristic brood mare here, which is the product of our very select broodline.

It is said that only genuine Arab cousin can create this property. The top lefthand image shows Century Farms Crystal's image, known throughout the sector as " OSCAR! The Oscar is AMHA NATIONAL GRAND CHAMPION WORLD 2003 WORK! He is also AMHA REGIONAL CHAMPION SENIOR HALTER STALLION in his high category and SUPREME HALTER STALLION!

Here we have breeded and reared many National Champion drivers and we are continuing to do so. We are rigorously WIN Halfter and Riding and Freedom and Show Jumping at the top of the branch..... in both registers....again and again. Oscars full brother, Century Farms Bey Masquerade, known throughout the business as "BAYLEE !

In 2003 Baylee was AMHA RESERVE NO GRAND CHAMPION SLINGLE PLLEASURE PDRIVING HORSE in the year Oscar became Grand Champion..... it was the 25-year jubilee of AMHA! & we received the two best awards in the whole wide globe at their important jubilee show! Then Baylee came back in 2004 and became AMHA GRAND CHAMPION SLINGLE PRLEASURE PRIVING HORSE in 2004 and several top domestic and international championships in many division!

However, we have monochrome coloured ponies such as coves, black ones, chestnut, silver, suede and others. Of course my ponies have thin casks and of course long thin throats due to their genetic makeup. Current ARABIC Hips & MUSCLES! A lot of minibreed horsemen have more full Quarter Horse guy "Rumps" while this is on this kind of horse, and looks very beautiful, they do not recognize that this is NOT what real Arab breeder aspire to..... and wrongly call their hip/muscling ~Arabian.

We' re very proud of the foals we have bred here. I love and treat my ponies every single working days. The luck and comforts of every horse is my first priority. Brood mares and show jumpers are enjoying large, hot stables in our winter. Keeping up to date with the vaccination, deworming, care and equidae of each horse.

With kind regards in love to Arabian miniature ponies, NewsFlash! Many 2010-2011 AMHA WORLD & AMHR NATIONAL TOP TAILLES ! In 2008 Century Farms Alacazam is Reserve World Champion Jr. Stallion under 30" amateur grade one with Pip Breckon! /2007 AMHA CENTRAL CHAMPION SENIOR HALFTER STALLION UNDER 28 INCHES WIN!!!!

Many Century Farm breeding stallions won the 2002/2003/2004/2005 -2007 AMHA & AMHR Regional & National and Reserve National title! There will be drivers tracks, incl. the winners of the drivers stakes! AMBHR NATIONAL Reserve CHAMPION Senior Holder Marein 28-30 inches! Lots of World Champions & Top Ten! Singel pleasuresriving horse!!!!!

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