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Ergo horse feed

The Argo Horse/Equine Feeds do not contain any fillers or preservatives and do not require any additional action from any feed other than roughage and water. It is suitable for all pets, including horses, birds and reptiles. Latest tweets from Argo Feeds (@ArgoFeeds).

Producers and distributors of animal feeds

Headquartered at the Kirkwood factory in Penistone, South Yorkshire, the business manages all of its operations from the manufacture of its own-branded feed, through storage and distribution, to retailing with the Country Store and Pet Food Warehouse. At its Kirkwood Mill site, the Goldthorpe dynasty has been operating since the deceased Arnold Goldthorpe bought it in 1939.

Argo " is a derivation of the short form Arnold Goldthorpe, who in 1956 went into retirement and went over to his three children Hugh, John and Ben. James (Jim) joined the company in 1973 and soon took a leadership position from his dad and two Uncle. During Jim's years in control, the company's operations have changed dramatically from their roots in farming feeds, and although Argo has tied itself to a small but very loyal local wholesaler, it is now producing for the pet and recreation sectors.

Members of the immediate families are the focus of the company and all its decision-making on a continual base. Trustworthy client support is the foundation of Argo's corporate philosophy, and Jim, Heather, Michele and Tom all work hand in hand to organize the company's day-to-day operation. Hisather is a passionate horse woman who has raised three daughters to be herself very able horsewomen.

At Heather, we manage the everyday shopping for the Country Shop and continue to launch new products and assortments. Our company is constantly growing and Heather is there to help Argo clients every single step of the way. He' s a very dedicated and dedicated person to his clients and to providing the best possible level of services to our clients.

Mr. Becker is in charge of ordering many of the key line items for wholesaling and purchasing commodities to make sure production at the factory is running well. And Michele is another enthusiastic horse man who loves to compete with her horse in different events when allowed by free will.

Michele is a sales manager and has a very close relationship with clients, but is also strongly committed to the purchase of horse and animal wares. In November 2006 Tom rejoined the company and his job is to manage the operational side of the company, with a particular emphasis on sales.

Tom takes great pride in Argo's tradition and aims to modernize and enhance the way the company works in a highly competitive market. Recently Rebecca joins the company and focuses on the areas of customer relations and development. An avid rider, she also competes in British eventing, County Showing and side-saddle competitions. In the last 35 years Argo has been delivering to my farm.

I have at least 30 ponies and 10 pets on my farm at all times. The Argo delivers to my farm within 48 working days of my order, the supply is dependable and courteous. The Argo offices and riders are as useful as ever, and I can only call Argo FANTASTIC.

ARGO has been a sponsored Dodson & Horrel Rider for at least 20 years and offers our shipyard an outstanding, dependable and courteous customer experience.

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