class="mw-editsection">[edit] Headquartered in Union City, California, Ariat International is a high-quality women's and men's footwear, clothing and accessory label for equitation and other outdoors activities. The Ariat was established in 1993 by Beth Cross and Pam Parker. Seeing the possibility of revolutionizing shoes for British and West horsemen, they developed cycling shoes with progressive sport shoes technologies and designs to enhance horsepower, fitting and comfortable both in the saddle and on the floor.

First Ariat boot was delivered in 1993 to inspire athlete ratings. Performances equestrian clothing, which came onto the market in 2004. Today Ariat has a complete range of British and West style bridle shoes and clothing, work shoes and clothing, and fashionable shoes for the outdoors lifestyle. Ariat is the world's biggest shoe and clothing manufacturer with stores in 42 different markets.

Each Ariat product is promoted through sponsoring arrangements with the best drivers, crews and worldwide eventers. The Ariat is the sole shoe patron of Professional Bull Racing (the PBR),[5] the most rapidly expanding sports on US TV. RISAT is the WSTR's shoe and clothing distributor,[7] the biggest grown-up association of rope dancers, and the National High School Rope Association's (NHSRA) shoe sponsor[8] RISAT has many top Rope athletes:

Twenty-three times Trevor Brazile, four times Kaycee Field,[9] five times Luke Branquinho, 14 times Jackie Hobbs-Crawford, two times Taos Muncy, two times Chad Masters, three times Stran Smith and five million dollar Shawn Flarida are all members of Team Ariat. The Ariat team also sponsored 16 PHR riders such as 2015 Rookie of the Year Kaique Pacheco, Fans favourite and Amazon Race celebrity Cord McCoy, top rank Joao Ricardo Vieira and double WRC winner Chris Shivers.

a Nicholas Sparks feature about a PBR sportsman who makes his way back to the bullring after a life-threatening injury[10] Ariat collaborated with 20th Century Fox and PBR to play the leading role, Scott Eastwood, as an authentically Ariat-sponsored male steersman.

20 Century Fox sold the movie globally and led to a significant rise in Ariat's market name.

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