Astm Approved Helmet

Astrom Tested Helmet

("ASTM") and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Would you like to know which helmet is certified by Snell? Scroll through the Snell helmet certification lists.

Helm Safety: Is ASTM/SEI?

Maybe there are good arguments for not to wear a helmet when driving, but are there good ones? If you are the quieter, the best exercised rider can cause injuries and the use of a helmet helps to save that part of your system that cannot be fixed - your mind. So if you go to this store to buy your helmet, look for the ASTM/SEI approved brand.

ASTM/SEI accredited has become the standard for protective hats in recent years, but there are few drivers who know what these names represent, let alone what is necessary to obtain this quality mark. While there are various types of testing for certain types of sport, there are four types of testing that the helmet must undergo in order to be certify.

This testing is carried out by the Safety Equipment Institute (SEI) to make sure the helmet from arch3e meets or exceeds ASTM-standard. Aim: to check the evenly distributed shocking waves to reduce the risk of trauma. Aim: To check whether the helmet rests in the case of a crash and whether the belt system is not too long.

Aim: to check the versatility of the sight to avoid a rupture of the nose in case of a falling. Dru Malavase, who has been a member of the ASTM Riding Protection Commitee since 1984, says the crash test drops the helmet onto a shallow anvil from various perspectives during the Round Angle Test.

"Computer transducers are used to determine the gravitational pull of a camber edged out of a heel. There is a 300g sill at which the most severe wounds to the human brain occur." Throughout the Helmet Retention Test, all harnesses must keep the helmet on the helmet without overstretching.

Then all the headgear is re-tested for shock and durability after being refrozen to minus 20°C, over 120°C and immersed in night-light. When the helmet does not yet transmit more than 300g and the belt is still active, it is awarded the ASTM/SEI-certificate.

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