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Our company specializes in thoroughbred stocks, cheap enough to fit any budget. This is another great home for an ex-ATB thoroughbred. ATB-Team | Australian thoroughbred stock The Australian Thoroughbred Bloodstock has people with vast breeding and race skills and experiences, but more than that, our passions are horses". There' s no better way to feel than to see our horse, which we have either raised or chosen as a yearling for our successful sale, and which in turn see the pleasure on the owners' faces.

Founded in 1997 by Darren & Liz Dance, Australian Thoroughbred Bloodstock operate from our stud and Agistment at Manningtree Park in Beremboke, Central Victoria. Since 1990 Darren & Liz have been racephorses, and enjoyed the highest levels of taste early on when their stallion Mookta won the Group One Oakleigh Platform in 1993 and Newmarket Handicap in 1994.

In 1994 it was decided to buy and build Manningtree Park to accommodate their race horses and brood mares, where they could look after them and make sure they got first rate food and keeping. Darren and Liz have since run Manningtree Park and expanded it to what it is today.

On a plot of land with almost 100 stallions, the horse is looked after by a committed group. Manningtree Park native ponies such as Skewiff, True Courser, Rue Maple and Uxorious are used. Daren was in Nirranda South in Victoria native and raised on a ranch with beef animals and horse.

For over 20 years he worked in retailing and every Saturday he raced because there was nothing he liked better. 1991 he acquired his first stake in a single stallion, a double Group One champion in Mookta. Daren runs and runs Manningtree Park, where he regulary raises moving animals.

Every week he visits jumps and competitions and carries all ATB bred riders in person to the pre- and trainer. He regularly participates in all important selling events, works in close collaboration with ATB's select coaches and keeps owner information up to date. Outside of motorsport, other interests are football, cricket and trapeze-races. livin' and running Manningtree Park.

In addition to working at Cambridge Stud, Murtagh's formidable CV, he has held positions with Coolmore and Derrinstown Studs back in Ireland and his most recent position as manager of Cornerstone Stud in South Australia. Whilst the New Zealand train was to be brief to further develop his enduring love of race horse racing, Tom also found his own fortune by getting married to Shelly, whom he got to know in Ireland.

Since then the pair have never made a permanent return to Ireland and lived their dream in the farming world. Kathleen's expertise in client support puts her in touch with owner, coach and race director to make every client a ATB success. Having several years of distribution expertise in start-ups and territories, it has achieved top positions in distribution throughout the country and will always do its best to be ready, available and prolific.

Their growing passion for the equestrian sport business and client orientation is helping to build strong connections for a great and rewarding ATB outing. After working for a large Australian multinational company in accounting and logistics for over 10 years, Annette took a short cut from financing to start a business relationship with a hostess.

She decided to follow her passion for the horse and came back to work as a stable hand and track driver for 3 years, later 5 years at the University of Melbourne Equine Hospital. In 2012, she came to Australian Thoroughbred Bloodstock as an accountant to help Liz run the company's offices, manage account balances, payroll and all the company's finances.

Their tasks comprise the day-to-day feed routines, the care of the ill and wounded, the planning of rainfall, the blacksmith, dental medicine and veterinary work. Tammy helps with the foals during the incubation period, which includes the nightshift, and with the general handover and training of the foals. Their tasks comprise the day-to-day feed routines, support in the planning of watering, forging, dental and veterinary work as well as the care of ill/injured animals if necessary.

Mrs. Kroes is in charge of the well-being of the horses living in Manningtree Park. Ayden' s remit includes the general upkeep and repair of agricultural holdings. Ayden wears his equine keeping cap during the incubation period to support Lynda, while Tammy is on foal duty.

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