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Valuable, classical, thoughtful baby book, ideal for capturing "The Story of You" for your little ones. The baby book was a piece of lovemaking made by Emily as she waited for her twin Caroline and Tyler to arrive. Having searched high and deep for the ideal baby book for her boy Brady, she chose to design a book that was as contemporary as it was classical - with lots of room for typing and open spaces for sharing memories and photos.

Make your baby book even more individual with our extra baby book page packages! Documentation pages for situations from childbirth to the ages of 2 years, including:

Decorate with 14 great baby souvenir albums

Although your Insta feeds the baby's history with every movement, it's still rewarding to write down great mile stones and memoirs. Featuring everything from app-powered baby blogs to elegant hard-cover choices, here are 14 contemporary recordings of baby albums. Here you can find your favourite. Capture the first 12 month of babyhood with National Geographic Welcome Little One.

As well as the commercials to capture the baby's stunning landmarks, the book contains adorable pet pictures, heart-warming poetry and quotations, and labels for each one. It is a book that you and your baby will be happy to browse for years to come. Avaliable at, $24. Share with your little one what the outside was like when they were begotten with This Is Your Book by designer and sire Ryan Maconochie.

As well as capturing the baby's vital functions with slim images, this book contains instructions on what's happening today, popularity, your favourite things and thoughts about the baby, such as what you' deleted from the baby lists. In The Story of You we have thought of everything new babies can wish for in a baby book. You can fill out requests (about gestation, fun times and vacation memories), as well as free space to capture particular occasions and attach photographs as you wish.

You can also buy extra pages to track conditions such as adoptions, maintenance, a NICU visit, sterility and a celestial baby. Obtainable at, $62. No matter how far away your sweethearts are, they can look as if they were with you for all baby's first with the free Moment Garden application.

Each of these valuable memories are saved and kept secret so that you can enjoy them with those you select. Do you want a book on physics? You can print a hard cover or soft cover book whenever you want. The Dreamcatcher baby book from the Etsy store Mushybooks provides a slim, gender-neutral look and feel.

On 50 pages you will find all the memories you would want from a baby book (birth history, first performance, favourites...), with an aesthetics that is neat and easy for your baby to sparkle. Social Print Studio minibooks take your photobooks to miniscule heights. Put all your favourite baby pictures together in spirally bundled photobooks.

Obtainable at, 2 copies for $15. Use an unconventional touch to remember and commemorate all these alternate baby moment with Baby's First Tattoo by Jim Mullen. You will never miss the other important times with this funny baby book style experience, such as the baby's first rage in a packed food shop or places where babies crawl that parent didn't think possible.

A baby's every landmark doesn't fit in a book. The Baby Souvenir Stand can be exhibited like a book, but has so much more space than a conventional sill. This handmade storage case allows you to store your baby's favourite rug, a locks, your first set of boots and much more. Are you having difficulty memorizing these mileposts?

Own Little Story is an on-line baby book that provides free e-mail memories to help you keep an eye on the baby's unique moment. There' s even a slumber key for the landmarks the baby hasn't reached yet. When you have 10 miles, start printing your book or just sit back and wait until you have created a bigger book with up to 36 miles or 72 pages of paper.

The only thing you have to do is attach a caption and select your artwork to keep all the baby's moment. Accessible at; book hardcovers asterisk at $20, and book softcovers begin at $10. Focusing on your baby's interaction with the physical environment, the first 1000 days: Nikki McClure's A Baby Journal allows you to take a picture of your baby's natal history as well as the first trees, moons and gardens.

Mom's One Line a day book makes the baby book easier by allowing mothers to take one brief notice a night to record an incident, an adventure or the emotions of that particular moment. Letetters to My Baby allows you to send your baby a letter about your hope, your dream and your remembrance. You don't have to waste innumerable endless hours making a scrapbook-like book of remembrance, because this book by Lucy Darling has done the work for you.

Avaliable in a wide range of topics, there is room to track novelties, favourites and month-by-month landmarks amidst nicely crafted pages. Which are your preferred ways to capture and store your baby's mile stones and mementos?

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