Baby Foals for Sale

baby-foal for sale

They' ll remain under our care until they can be released for adoption or sent for rescue. Impressive little baby stallion so far! You need company and motherly love, like any baby. We breed the mare, take care of her and accompany her through her pregnancy, give birth to the baby and take care of the foal before it is weaned and sent home to you. We evaluate the horses and prepare ourselves for the new babies.

Deserted foals

The name itself elicits sorrow and affection, a baby without a mum, in this case a weanling. The foals can be abandoned by the deaths or the dismissal of their mothers because their mothers cannot make their own breastfeeding or because the mares refuse their foals. No matter for what reasons, everything results in an emergency and time-critical problem: the delicate filly needs immediate action and intense grooming.

The way this filly is kept in the first few day, week and month of his lifetime is directly related to his chances of surviving, his later evolution and adaptation to mature age. KHS has rescued over 150 of these children since 2014. At the age of just a few get-togethers, these orphan children come to our Ecuine C.A.R.E. program and need health and 24/7 food until they are young enough and old enough to be adopted on site or taken to some of our trustworthy rescuers.

If you want to see some of our abandoned foals, follow us on Facebook for the latest messages and pictures. The filly is a filly that has been bred in such a way that its dam makes it. Luciferous broodmares are then used as surrogate dams for foals of other foals. To get breastfeeding, the sister filly has to give Birth of her own baby, and her foals become an orphan.

As a rule, these new-born foals are taken from their mother within a few day or a few months after being born. Nursing fillies are hard and costly to breed, and their mortality is low if there is no interventions. Before KHS came to the rescue, there were no rescuers in Kentucky who were devoted to the care and procurement of fillies.

Some non-governmental organisations take in Kentucky's filly fillies, but most cannot keep up with the market. Once we have rescued these foals, they are housed in care stables and looked after by KHS staff. Would you like to help our orphans? You can also help by making a shed available for care or by registering to help with feeding.

Send us an e-mail to[email protected] to find out how you can help. Would you like to know how to adapt to an abandoned filly? Send us an e-mail to[email protected] or 502-272-1068.

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