Baby Paint Horses

Paint Baby Horses

Although colour can be a great advantage, a lack of colour does not limit your chances of success with the American Paint Horse Association. A new baby boy born this morning from Fancy Blu Babe by Thunder Tuff Tonto. Customizing BreedingLet us make your perfect showpiece! Customizing BreedingLet us make your perfect showpiece! We will make your perfect hippopotamus!

We raise the filly, take good charge of her and accompany her through her gestation, give birth to the baby and take charge of the filly before it is weaned and sent home to you. When you have your baby, he is in good health, recorded, halters and well managed and willing to become an astonishing allrounder.

You are invited to take part in this whole the whole duration. There' s a guarantee that the foals will be bred alive. That means, if the filly does not become pregant during the first stud, the customer has the right that we try to rebreed it. This also means that if the filly is stillborn, the customer has the right to try it with another of our broodmares in the same year or to rebreed with the same filly in the following year.

After childbirth, every customer receives a videotape of his filly showing his pretty and very lively baby. All foals are granted 8 free entry to the barn with the months before they leave the barn. Little by little we begin to wean the foals one night after the other, beginning at 4 week when they begin to feed on the weeds.

After 6 siblings can be fully weaned and brought home, but it is recommended that the filly stays with his monthly period for the full 8s. On request, the filly can remain on the prize table for another months. Full pension is awaited after this period, if the filly stays in the stable.

But there are also benefits if these fillies are foaled before then. That means that all offspring in the Openuturity section of all future shows are allowed to participate in both the Pinto and the Paint Shows in NYS. Futureurity professions have the highest payout of holster professions and provide the most reward for filly owner.

If you would like more information about Pinto Futureurities please email Joy Bartlett ( and for Paint Futureurities please email Sandy Cobb ( There is a charge of $2,000 for a filly plus the costs of registering and veterinarian. Fifty percent ($1,000) non-refundable deposit is needed before broodmares are bred. These payments allow the customer to choose a filly and a date and secure the breed.

It is required in advance as it ensures that our filly is compensated for the strain and restrictions that arise from the broodmare and other equestrian programmes. $160 is due in the 8th of the 11 months of pregnancy.

All other charges are due 6 week after the birth of the filly before collection of the weanling.

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