Balanced Equine Nutrition

Well-balanced horse nutrition

Equine offers independent and professional advice on feeding horses, taking into account their workload and state of health. Two, is his diet balanced? Well-balanced horse - Home Featuring no added ferrous material, filler, zero or ultra low sugars and starches, all of our mineral supplements contain the highest grade, highest bio-availability for the horse. Complying with NRC regulations, there are no additional nutritional supplements that are deemed superfluous for high feed requirements such as bovine or magenta.

About Balanced Equine

Carol attended Dr. Eleanor Kellon VMD's nutrition classes in 2008 and never ceased to study. Eleanor Kellon VMD asked her to teach nutritional science course NOK Plus in 2009 and continues to teach her today. She is currently a horse nutrition instructor for the Australian Certified Hoof Care Course (ACEHP).

A keen interest in imparting and passing on her horse nutrition skills, Carol has been featured at Equitana (2013) and has been a guest lecturer at a number of Australian and Functional Hoof Conference events in 2011 (Werribee) and 2014 (Daylesford) and in 2012 Carol was a featured lecturer at the World Hoof Care Conference in Prague, Europe.

In response to market demands, Carol has held training courses for groups of equine breeders across the nation explaining the myth, fashions and market tricks and advocating easy, integrated and cost-effective nutrition for all types of equine, as well as heavy-duty equine, as well as maturing, expectant and breast-feeding equine. Carol's expert knowledge in equine nutrition is not only what needs to be fed, but also how best to assist them, according to the schedule of nutrition, before and after work and electrolysis.

Special feed recommendations are given for veterinarily determined topics such as connective tissue, EPSM/PSSM, ulcer, diarrhea, cushings/PPID, glucose sensitivity/insulin restriction and hoof deer. There is a great deal of cash for a horse and there are many things to waste it on. Among the classes examined by Carol are:

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