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They know that I am travelling around the globe to exchange information and provide service to those looking for a better, more naturally way to care for their horse, and I meet some very specific like-minded professionals in this field. A very astonishing one is Lindsay Setchell, whose Barefoot Horse Magazine is one of the best resource for our group.

Headquartered in the UK, this release is full of impartial, up-to-date information and I have ensured that you, as a member of the Cavallo Fellowship, have free entry to 14. Think of it as a present with my gratitude for being part of our Cavallo group. Just obey these easy steps to get your Barefoot Horse Magazine now!

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Barefoot Horse Magazine Barefoot Horse Magazine

I' m sorry, but if you keep a horse, you'll know all about it! I have a new home in a forest on arid ground that once belonged to the War Department. My three barefoot ponies now stretch and tame their hoofs where once they were.

It has new pets and feeds on leafs, blackberries and ad libitum hey. With its long, dropping armor trail, the forest made a huge distinction by giving them maximal motion and zero weed and very little sludge..... but it wasn't all this. This huge amount of cement is a lifesaver.

I' m no longer dragging myself through a thick moor and the only thing the horse gets slimy with the election is if they play a role in the forest. It was a cool rainstorm.... making an old horse, hard and trembling. It may not get slimy on the paved street, but the strong rains flow down in streams.

The Sweet Lane (named after a street label found in the forest) became something I've never seen before - a walking sewage canal with a pile of horses that plunges down the hillside on a few centimeters of rain. Who' s to say horse keeping's no joke? Sophie, my own horse, went down with Laminas after I was broken on abundant weed last autumn.

Attempting to heal them on a former dairying business where I still reside was not simple, despite some magnificent installations - large rocky courtyard, grassy path, rocky path, field shed. It seemed that a few stalks of weed caused a repetition of the ache. Ever since she's been in the forests, where she moves, but has little sugars and no weed, Sophie starts to feel good again.

Still won't give it to me when she stands on the cement, but on weak soil she co-operates after much commendation and commendation. She' s taking a walk in her hands, she' s taking the rocky paths in the forest, but after getting up for a moment I got out and knew she was not there.

Hi - if you are moving to a location with little or no hay, you need a steady feed. Motion is a great practitioner, but she hesitates with cement and who can resent her? Now and in the future it is my task to enlarge the terrain so that every horse that feels its legs has a selection of tread.

With the help of my relatives and my girlfriends I made a way through a part of the forest. On those few sunny summer nights, my ponies enjoy the sun. On my trip to the forest I come past neighboring ponies with my mosquito mask and blankets, but mine are hardly worried.

There is a cottage under building. We' ve picked some of the pines and it goes onto one of the decks (more concrete) that was once the site of an armies' cabin. Sinew problems - Tao, who has repeatedly experienced stress due to her gushing behavior in the fields, probably comes out of the whole group.

She' walking and trotting on the cement without twitching. It was a short trip to set up this funky home for the horse, and it was so exciting to be published this months title in The Barefoot Horse magazine. This is a link - it's a great magazine about barefoot ponies and their owner.

Who I am - I am a reporter, writer and barefoot horse-owners. About 16 years ago my ponies went barefoot and now I would never again shoe one of my ponies so that I could go riding. I' ve recently opened a barefoot horse center where we have 14 youngsters who discover the advantages of moving on diverse terrains around the clock.

See Sweet Road to Comfort blogs. I' m a frequent collaborator of Barefoot Horse Magazine and The Horse's Hoof Magazine.

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