Basic Horse Grooming Kit

Grooming Kit Basic Horse

Regular care of your horse enables you to keep its coat and hooves in good condition and to monitor its health. To ensure efficient and quick care, you put together a basic care set. Included in the basic maintenance set:.

An easy step-by-step instruction for horse grooming | The Original Mane | The Original Tail - Animal care

Regular care of your horse enables you to keep its fur and hoofs in good shape and to keep an eye on its wellbeing. Collect your care set - consisting of horseshoe scrapers, hair combs, stiff and smooth bristles, combs, and towels - and set up a clean and comfortable care area. Place a holster on the horse and tie it into transverse binders or fasten it in your nursing area with a quick-release.

Take each foot alternately and wipe away all contamination and soiling with a horseshoe scraper by looking for loosened boots and missing heels. Start with a curved combs in one palm and a rigid bristle in the other, behind the ear and sweep the whole fur to get rid of stains. Eliminate excess bristles and grime from the hairbrush after a few lines with the bristle-collet.

Switch to a smooth scrubbing brush, start again behind the ear and scrub the fur to get rid of the residual dus. Make sure to scrub your whole area and use your hands to sense clots, unevenness and cut. To unravel the hair and cock, use a hairbrush, crest or finger.

You can use a hand cloth to shine the fur. Wear the care products your blacksmith recommends. Gain more care hints and care tools!

Cultivating a horse with a care set

Trekking is a great way for a horse to get dirty and muddy, and whatever else it can get into. Caring should be part of your day-to-day grooming, as it allows you to examine the horse for incisions and other wounds, and it is a great way to pass your horse on. Before riding, always take good care of your horse, especially in the area of the harness and nut.

Soiling between the horse's hide and bridle can lead to belt abrasion and gashes. Included in the basic maintenance set: Ensure that your horse is secure in a secure, neat walk. Ensure that your care set is far away from the side and that there is nothing else on the floor around the horse's legs.

Begin with every move on the horse's throat and move down. Starting on the leftside, broom the right side. 1 ) Use the combs to treat debris and lose ends of your scalp. Squeeze the crest in a gentle circling movement. Avoid using the crest on the horse's bones, such as the face or feet.

2 ) Use the bodybrush to clean away debris and excessive coat. Pull the paintbrush towards your head. Collect the debris with brief, fast blows and then turn the bristle at the end of the stroke so that the brushes snap the debris into the wind. They can use this scrubber over most of the horse's torso, but some delicate ponies don't like this scrubber used on their feet or in the face.

3 ) Use the smooth bristle or finish bristle to wipe the remaining dirt off the horse's fur. It can be used anywhere on the horse. Apply like the hairbrush; just following the directions of the horse brushes with fast, brief lines. 4 ) Comb the horse's head and tails.

The most riders don't come to the horse's manes and tails every single horse care, although it's not a terrible notion. When you move the brushing of the hair and cock, it only lasts longer the next brushing of the hair and toenail! Avoid standing directly behind the horse to scrub its cock.

Place yourself next to his body and move his cock to the side to clean him. 5 ) Choose the horse's foot. One of the most important stages in horse care is the plucking of the horse's foot. Below is how to pluck the legs of a horse. Since the bottom of the hooves is concavely, rocks can be pinched and cause crushing on the horse's heel.

Rockfall can cause horse paralysis, sometimes abscess and other feet issues. 1 ) To pluck the hooves (front legs), place yourself next to the horse's back. 2 ) With the horseshoe scratch in one arm, hold the thumbs and index fingers tightly along both sides of the forearms.

3 ) Give the horse a word like "high", and when the horse is relaxing his legs, wind your hand around the front of the ankle to hold the legs. 5 ) Use the horseshoe scratch to clean off debris or stones from the hooves. It has a triangle in the middle of the feet and it is named the frozen one.

6 ) Clean the remainder of the soil to the soles of the hooves. 7 ) Carefully lower the hooves back to the floor. Convincing your horse to take up the horse's hooves can be hard. A lot of dressage shoes feel unwell when you scrub them under your tummy. You do not need to scrub the horse's abdomen every single brushing.

However there are periods when he gets stuck under his stomach or loses it and you will want to scrub the area well. Pay attention to his hind limbs, because you will be amazed how agile your horse is with his hind limbs! Go in front of the horse instead of behind the horse.

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