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The stud was home to many Cleveland Bay horses; many were bred and born here. Finding Bay Horses For Sale in Horses & Ponies for Rehoming | Buy, sell or adopt horses in Alberta. Have a look at our current selection of Bay Horses for sale in New Paltz, NY. It' a great opportunity for dressage.

It has been supported and is ready for further training.

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We introduce: WILLIE NELSON, 10 years old, design mark.....'REIN N SHINE' "FAITH" 6-10-18 APHA Black Bay fillies from Big Gunner X The Big Gun X..... A great colorful, sporty chestnut bay foal. Sporty and cute views! She is a trained rider and a good movers.

Sporty versatility or show-jump view! He/she is a trainer of young horses and.... FOR MORE OF THIS HORSERACING AND OTHERS GO ON WWW. Sierras Obvioustar (Sierras Sonnny ofSony Dee Bar) dam: Atletic.

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The costs for the bay mare are $6.000,00 US Dollar colts or fillies. Purebred fillies will be available from the following mares: It' a chestnut bay! In the following you will find a list of these horses. The OD represents our bolt preference old dominion. The horses are all Cleveland Bay, unless otherwise indicated) The horses labeled 2 have been twice on sale by BHF.

After a few years, for example, the initial purchaser chose to buy the horses for some sort of reasons and asked us to buy it for him. Purely farmed filly. Beautiful, kind, lovely filly. Purebred filly with foals.

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Click here to see more photos of our horses for sale. The Jockey Club Recorded, Never Raced. Awesome. Whether it'?s an equestrian show, dressage or hunter/jumper, this filly can do it all! She has to go out and show what a beautiful movers and jumpers she is instead of starting to jump.

Ranked fourth at Fox River Valley Pony Club HT June'09, her novice appearance with a 33.7 grade in youngsters. In 2007 she won Wayne-DuPage HT on her 26. 5 level in heavy rains - her second time! Live 24/7 with other mothers. Outstanding work in training. Clip, load, stand for vet/blacksmith, manes, etc.

Register Jockey Club: 9739670. She is a beautiful and robust medium pony filly, who is 24/7/365 living and barefooted. Outstanding Pony Club mounts or Pony Jumpers! Easy-keeper, sweet filly! She is a charming filly, very gifted, but very uptight. Living 24/7/365, unshod, undertuded in any case.

Requests should only be relatively specific so that interested persons can get together with her before the sale. Nice sport horse building. She is an extraordinary filly! She is one of the more experienced teaching horses just because she loves to walk and BIG can do it! Does not provide for training work, but has an extraordinary amount of shoulders and legs.

Stand for vet/blacksmith, climbing, manes, trailers. Barfoot - but with footwear for street work with dogs. Living 24/7/365 with other mothers. Privately owned contract at home that will support her Cleveland Bay cattery. Peyton's Sire was a beautiful Cleveland Bay stud who had an unlucky tragedy and passed away a few years ago.

She will definitely stand out in the world of training with her fantastic movements and beautiful height at the shoulders! We have one of the most friendly horses in our possession and it will give you a good sniffing. He travelled with us to the Hoosier Horse Fair 2007 and 2008 and was exhibited at the Cleveland Bay Breed Booth.

It was also presented to several hundred spectators for the race demonstration in the Colosseum at the equestrian fair and performed flawlessly. Gonna be a great showpiece! Stand for vet/blacksmith, clip, pendant. Barefooted. Living 24/7/365 with other mothers. Privately owned contract at home that will support his Cleveland Bay cattery.

The majority of horses are kept bare-footed throughout the year, even during the competition, as long as their legs are intact. There is no need to put the horses' boots on if they don't need them.

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