Bay Overo Paint Horse

Sheldon Overo Paint Horse

The second most common horse color. It carries some of the best bloodlines in the Paint Horse industry. Horse Bay Overo Paint Custom Stock Custom Long Forelock. This is my favorite overo painting - Sammy, Palomino Overo painting horse. The APHA stallion is a unique dark brown color with silver mane and tail.

Between a Tobiano and an Overo Animal.

The Tobiano and Overo are two colour samples used to describe pink coloured ponies. Pino-coloured ponies have single-coloured spots, such as e.g. monochrome, brown or maroon, dotted with soils. Imagine an Overo as a solid-coloured horse that had an unlucky collision with a paint can; someone accidentally squirted or dabted blank spots on the sides of the horse.

Typically, a tobacco piano looks like a solid-coloured horse that had cast a pail of whitish paint all over its back; the paint was dripping down its back and sides, leaving some solid-coloured stains. At first, it can be quite disconcerting to differentiate between the two colour samples, but with practical experience one can differentiate between the two fur samples.

The Overo and Tabiano fur pattern can be found on all sizes of horse or pony. There are two differences in the overall picture of the two fur designs in the quantity and location of the blank designs on the horse's skull. When the horse has a Dobiano, it has blank spots that cross the horse's spinal column, which stretches from the point between the ear, known as the pole, to the tip of the caudal part.

In the case of a horse with tobacco, the blank design crosses the spinal column at every point. Overo horses have a mostly monochrome coloured bodies with blank spots that can be quite large, which do not intersect the spinal column at any point. Overo horses' manes and tails are usually quite obscure, while a tobacco piano might be blended with the colour of the manes and tails.

Information on seed breeding and dispatch

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