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She has a great exterior and is a pleasure to ride. He's a breed of cow horses and super broke. The Bodacious Bay Quarter Horses, High Prairie. Presentation of our breeding program and the love for horses. You can find bay quarter horse stallions at the stud with our online stallion directory.

OF A QUARTER HORSE COLORS: Colours specified by photographs

A few photographs were sponsored by individuals who have a horse with colour samples that are needed for class. BUT, some of the terms are wrong and there is also NEW information about colourogenetics. Quarter Horse has 17 decent colours for foal registrations (status 2006).

There are more colours that are not on the list, and if you have such a filly, you should record it for the nearest genetics colour options that match what you think the filly will be at the time of ripening. In Agouti's opinion, a horse with red eye, for example, is really a double-diluted horse with red eye.

However, it can be registred as Perlino, as AQHA does not offer the right choice for a dual creme colored blacks. There are also a combination of several modifiers, and AQHA can help you choose the best colour to registrate your filly if you are unsure how to list it.

They were interviewed and said it was because they knew she had a dark fact because her father was a 100% paint manufacturer. The sorrel bodysuit colour is either pinkish or copper-red; the hair and tails are usually the same colour as the bodies, but can be flat. This is the most frequent colour of Quarter Horses. The colour of the baybodies ranges from light bay to redbrown; the manes and tails are dark and the lower limbs are dark.

The BlackBody is real without bright areas; the hair and tails are natural colour. Gray body colour a blend of whiteness with other coloured hair; often natural unicoloured or almost unicoloured and becomes paler with time. Chestnut body colour deep scarlet or brownish-red; mans and tails usually deep scarlet or brownish-red, but can also be flat.

Brownish like ebony, but with dark fringes and more. BLANK dots (incl. head), blackened bodies. CreamLight ( (or pink) creamy skins over the entire length of the human organism, with either whitish or cream-colored hairdos and bluish eye. ee for redness factor (genetically red-legged), but redness is attenuated by two cream-colored thinning gens.

Golden Palomino with golden /yellow manes / tails and heads. Buckskin' Negro dots, male and female manes and tails. Golden / Yellows bodied. GrulloDark spots and dune coefficients, grey or anthracite coloured top, silvery or grey bodies, all bodily fibres are uniformly coloured. Bright (or pink) complexion over the entire length of the torso, either pure or creamy coloured bristles and bluish eye. Maene, tails and lower thighs somewhat more darkly than the body-color.

Red Factor EE or Ee (genetic, leggy ) with 2 creme-gene. Pearlino is doubble creme plus bay (AA or Aa). Smokey Creams are aa for Agouti and are not really pearlino, but best used as such until AQHA Smoky Add Creme as a colour addition on paper.

Scarlet dots, reddened bodies. BLANK dots, brown/brown skull, round-bodies. The WhiteBody colour is yellow; flesh is rose; eye is usually obscure; small blacks can be found in the flesh, but usually not associated with coloured stains. A few types of horse can be mixed, i.e. they have coloured hairs which are usually mixed with whites.

Dunes of fleshy or fleshy colour; hair, tails and back strips are reddish. Dark bodysuit colour either golden or amber; male and female tails can be dark, reddish green, reddish, yellow, pure pink, orange, white or a mixture; often has back-strips, zebra-strips on the feet, across the toes. It would be correct to call this colour "bay dun".

" What is the same horse in this category? All of the ponies in this category have got pink feet. They' are'ee' for talk factor, i.e. they are made up of the colour white and not the colour white. What is the same horse in this category? All of these animals have at least two things in common: they all have at least one non-reddish genes (black) and therefore have dark feet.

All of them have at least one copy of the dominating Agouti shape, so that their body is dark brown/yellow instead of dark grey/mouse. What is the same horse in this category? All of these animals have at least two things in common: they all have at least one non-reddish genes (black) and therefore have dark feet.

All of them have two replicas of the recessional agouti, so their body is either dark or anthracite instead of reddish or cream. What is the same horse in this category? The above colours are not influenced by a single colour genes.

It' certainly to say that they have white/extremely fair hair, but that their colour is not necessarily due to the same moult. Colour description above taking into account the EQHA colour definition. Please see our page for horse combination with several gene that influence their colour. Even though there are no registry option specifically for certain gene types, there are some colour modification agents that are accepted by it.

This includes (but is not exclusively ) the champagne gen and the silver daple gen. This is only the case for a horse that carries a non-reddish or two non-reddish EE or Ee sequences. An apple in silvery, on a dark pedestal, APHA female, homozygot for dark. It is a grullo with the 2 types of the same gene: Dun Factor and David and David-Dabble.

Many labs in the USA and around the globe carry out horse dyeing assays, illness screening, etc. I' ve paid for three horse trials. You guessed what....they sent two of my ponies back and after 4 1/2 month the third one was still out!

Eventually, five month after the test, someone gave me the results for the third horse. There is another horse I know that has been testing gay for blacks, that is not gay because it has bred foxes and paleominoes. Donating your teaching photo: If you are interested in the colour of your filly, click here.

There are many folks who are sending us images for this site where it is evident that the filly owner does not know what colour their foals are. Please only submit photographs for this page if you know the colour of your colt. Click here if you don't know what colour your filly is.

It is an educative site, and photographs should show a secure surrounding and sound horse. And I don't even know how to react when I get pictures of thin, worm-shaped animals on pasture with deserted automobiles, agricultural implements, grounded wired railings and dropping sheds. Click on the "Send Your Photo" icon on the leftside to submit one or two good photographs for our colour pages.

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