Bay Quarter Horse Gelding for Sale

Bay Quarter Horse gelding for sale

The AQHA called him Bay Roan at birth, but looks grey. It was used for abseiling and trail riding. Very well broken quarter penny horse. Great, Around the Quarter Horse gelding for sale. Do you need help selling your horse?

Welcome to BLS horse sale

In order to further clarify our guidelines, if the horse is sold at 18.00 on the Saturday of our sale, it will be warranted to be in perfect condition for a further 42 hrs on Monday noon. At BLS Horse Sale what we mean by sounds is: sights from both sides, good in the sky, floor noises on all fours and not for snuggling up to a nativity scene.

Broodmares - There are two ways of selling mares: EMPOSED - defines as "exposed to a stallion", not warranted as breeding, but can be. ODER - WARRANTED oder - warranted brothers - the filly is for sale as a brother. Their trust in our sales makes a big difference! No! Goodbye selling - and keep in mind - BLS, We Like Hisorses!

Each horse is assigned a FILE number following the shipment information and descriptions. It is a credential number that you can use when you call our offices for more information about each shipment. NOT THE HIP NUMBER OR THE SALES NUMBER SEQUENCE. The number is just a useful pre-release research utility that you can use to research a programme before you publish the catalogue.

For a full chip order 9 working days before the date of purchase, click on the above mentioned current catalogue links. SPECIAL & GENERAL special & general session: dual support cat - 2016 aqha brown mare x black cat olena x high brown cat from dualin play x dual kits. Launched, the videotape of trip 26 will have 45 trips according to sales hours.

High-brown cat granddaughter. High-brown cat and Dual/ Dual/ Dual Pep kennel kits. Grandfather paternal high-brow cat with NCHA-father, grandfather paternal Little Chexy Lena 37.280. Motherly Grandfather Dual 251,698 Wonderful profits of more than 2 million. The ROPE SESSION: What Bob is putting on sale this year!

Since returning to his homeland in Montana, he has enjoyed rearing good quarterly outfits. They' re soft and broken as Bob takes them for sale. The Peppy has a good basis to determine the blood lines of the working cowhorses both above and below. His father is Twistin High from High Chicaro.

The grandfather on his backside is Peppy San Badger, commonly known as âLittle Peppyâ. He is an excellent stallion and has been accepted into the AQHA Hall of Fame.

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