Beautiful Horse Stables

Nice stables

Fifteen astonishing stables where you could probably be living. Perhaps you'd like to join your horse in these astonishing stables. Did you wish as a child that you could be living in the stable with your horse? As you have grown out of this desire, you'll probably wish you could move in with your horse when you see these astonishing bars.

Whilst there are innumerable horse stables and stables in the whole wide range of countries, they are among the most beautiful where the horse lives in real luxurious surroundings. Downstairs are from all over the wide open spaces. There are some studs, others are pension stables and some are even pensioners. Doesn't even look like a barnyard.

Nice and clear. Cowshed with a public bath? It' a stall. Beautiful yard. Whilst your next hayloft may not be as luxury as these haylofts, you can still get some idea for your own hayloft from the pictures above. The majority of sheds have large doors and fanlights to make use of daylight while making the building more spacious and open.

You will also see that these stables have broad corridors so that the horse can be guided into their stables in a safe way. Don't neglect to select the floor covering for your stable corridor with care - you want a floor covering that offers a lot of grip even when it' s soaked. Had you had the hay of your dream, would it look like one of the bunkers upstairs?

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