Best Horse Gifts

The best horse gifts

The winner of the Dr. Toy "Best Classic Toy" award. The readers of Horse & Rider reveal the best horse-oriented gifts of all time.

The best, most remarkable gifts I have ever received came from my father, who died of the disease in June 2008. He' had gone through chemo a few years before, so I was amazed that he had taken so much patience to amaze me so wonderfully. When I found the horse, he told me to be "all prepared".

I was separated from a horse 28 years after I got married and had three children. But only recently I found this particular horse. I will always have great recollections of my father now, plus always treasures these marvellous gifts of surprises. Last year, after my folks said an indescribable farewell to our Tennessee Waving Horse Sparkle, I sobbed and told another schoolgirl that Sparkle had left this planet for someone else.

She has a little asterisk on her brow and I felt it would be good to love a Twinkle after forfeiting one. Nowadays, those who see her appreciate that she is 15 - and these are those who are familiar with the horse. One of the best horse gifts I have received is the present my sisters Karen from South Dakota gave me: two hand made, hand made, wood horse head paintings by an Indians called Sam Two-Bulls.

I had always liked a horse, but never ventured to ask for one, and yet my dreams came true. I will forever be thankful to my folks that they sacrificed so much to make such an enrichening, life-changing present! The best present I had was a horse my man took me by surprise so we could go riding together.

As he was not a rider, he spoke with seasoned horses, my blacksmith included, to make sure he found the right horse and had it thoroughly first. He is a great horse and has allowed my man and I to drive many lucky mileage together. The best present for me is the know-how, the "training" and the pleasure I got from my third horse, a 10 year old Quarter Horse called Cowboy.

I had purchased my first horse when I was 50 and my second not long after that. My first horse, an 8-year-old Paint called Steel, I purchased when I was 11 years old. He' been my best mate for 13 years. This painting means so much to me, especially since I no longer have this beautiful horse.

On one Christmas my boy took me by surprise with a "Trail of Painted Ponies" quarter horse. We have since then taken three genuine ponies into our life. I will always cherish my inspiring horse as a sculptor. Throughout the years, the teeth have been altered, small repair work has been done, and the horse that carried them has come and gone, but the bridles still look good and work because it is 46 years old!

When I came back to the showroom at the tender of 58, my non-horse -loving man - put me together for a conversation. They call themselves my horse show coordinator, and I could not have wished for a better horse-related present.

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