Best Horse Picture Books

Best Horses Picture Books

Presents for horse enthusiasts These are our fictitious books "Horse Lovers" which have been compiled by hands for young horse lovers. This is an extract from My Penny by Susan Jeffers: Let me get a bangs. More than anything in the whole wide galaxy, I want a bangs. Publishing Synopsis: Here is the exciting, thigh-beating accompaniment of Swamp Angel, the popular Caldecott Honor-awarded picture album.

There she struggles an angry tempest down to the floor and finds herself in the middle as a side kick - a horse she calls Dust Devil. Kids will be fascinated by the beautiful and overly humorous nature of Paul Zelinsky's primitive-style works and the humour and power of Anne Isaacs' incomparable stories.

Summary of the publisher: Breathtaking picture guide to the first iconic horse! In this 40-page picture novel by Sharon Lerner, Anna Sewell's classical Black Beauty comes alive. Join the illustrious stud as he encounters many master craftsmen, from Squire Gordon, whose Black Beauty woman rescues almost at the expense of his own lifetime, to the gruesome Nicholas Skinner, who kills a horse, to a meeting with Joe, the bridegroom he knew as a stud.

The Caldecott prizewinner Susan Jeffers illustrated this popular history with lavish watercolour paintings that are sure to inspire and bewitch them. Publishing synopsis: Quiet, little horse, sleeping on the mire. Mummy ponies all over the globe pledge to look after their little ones while the colts romp and gamble and finally sleep in this comforting goodnight saga.

Juvenile horse enthusiasts will be carried away by the breathtaking Ruth Sanderson horse in their heads and the pledge of lasting loving of their own parent in their heart. Ideal for horse enthusiasts large and small, this beautiful picture postcard is ideal for mums who need a good night's sleep tale. Publishing synopsis: I want a bangs.

More than anything in the whole wide galaxy, I want a bangs. Summary of the publisher: but now he talks back! Seems Pia's only girlfriend is her bangs, drummer. Horse can't speak, can they? All of a sudden, all of the ponies are speaking to Pia! Who' d have thought that sweet-looking horse would have such an attitude.

Summary of the publisher: Anyone who has always dreamt of listening to the horse's tale..... Coda is a brown quarterpenny with a whitish blesse. Featuring touching and expert text and beautiful monochrome artwork throughout - both from true horse men - this is the ideal solution for all horse enthusiasts and horse historians!

Summary of the publisher: Few creatures from Black Beauty to Pegasus enthuse as much dedication and joy as a horse. Featuring a selection for every horse enthusiast, among them favourite ponies in fantasy, genuine horse tales and a care manual. Summary of the publisher: She' got books on ponies, bangs and bangs all over.

On her first morning at a new college, Meg encounters two little ladies who are as mad as she is!

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