Best Horse Riding Clothes

The best riding clothes for horses

They are good to wear under your riding helmet on colder days. wherefore WE HAVE A LARGE ASSORTMENT. If you' ve been with us from the beginning - you'll know that Brooke Legacy was designed for Taller Ricers - we've extended our business to serve drivers of all sizes - we've been so appreciative that we've been able to develop two sizes of Standard and Tall.

What is it like to be a bigger horseman in the world of equestrian sport today? The well-being of a larger horse should not impair your riding abilities and performance; our long feet are a boon for youngsters! However, what we found as great horsemen was the adjustment of the clothes; you find the most astonishing set of jodhpurs you simply have to have, they come in and advise what they end at half height of your foot, so the best thing you can do is get these long stockings that will help you fill in the blank.

That' s why every large article you see for purchase on our website is specially designed to meet the needs of horsemen over 5'8 - every part of the material has been adjusted and surveyed to take care of you girl! These jodhpurs are our most important child and an article we are so proud of - we worked on this one until it was made.

The first drops of our high pants sell out in a matter of moments and we couldn't believe the response. They are the primary reasons why this line was designed - the ergonomic look of the designs on our off-the-shelf brees did not suit big horsemen and we have at last developed the ideal trousers to suit everyone from 5'8 to 6'2 without looking at all.

We' ve heard'Finally a make for bigger riders' since the start and we like to hear that - you are our source of inspiration and why we made this make in the first place to alleviate the frustrations we've all felt out there.

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