Best Horse Riding Helmet 2016

2016 Best Riding Helmet

A comparison for the TOP 3 riding helmets. Torhaus Challenger riding helmet. uvex Exxential helmet. With this guide and the best riding helmet reviews, horse lovers like you will find the absolute best riding helmet! One of the best decisions you can make is to wear a helmet when riding.

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COMFORTABLE: With the ALTSHULER HORSE RIDING HORSE RIDING HELMET you can confidently horseback riding because you know you are in the best nextgen headwear with 4 front and side netted ventilation slots and 3 ventilation slots on the back; the medium and large sizes helmet is available in a large helmet and comes with a gloomy sport pouch and padded balaclava hat; riding SAFELY:

The ALTSHULER RIDING HELMET takes your security seriously because it has the new CE VB1 security certification; don't worry when driving and in case of an unlucky crash, because it will protect the helmet with its powerful construction, a cushioning with optimum shock absorbing, double strap worn over the ears and protection of the chins; RIDE EVERYWHERE:

The ALTSHULER HORSE HELMET FOR RIDING is classy, lightweight, comfortable and secure. Horse owner, riding yards, stable, riding school, horse hobbyist and show rider like our work: its matt colour is fashionable and perceptible, while it absorbs perspiration and keeps the helmet well aired; 3 Bundle LED SYSTEMS at a price:

Each high-grade OLTSHULER ELESTRIAN HELMET comes with a large, extendable CANVAS SPORTS BAG with several zipped bags, two grips and clip-on, reclining sling as well as a matching black, gold BASEBALL CAP and promotional sticker; all articles have the Altshulter label; SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: If you are not completely happy, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us; order with trust your Altshuller Equity Bundle LED Horse, Sport Bag and Baseball Cap; riding your horse well.

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