Best Horse Rugs

The best horse blankets

You can find below the four most popular carpets of this week at our lowest prices. This is one of the best horse blankets for fleece protection. The best medium-weight switch carpets for cool springs day.

Intermediate switch carpets are an excellent option when the wheather is changing, e.g. in early and late fall. Only the best medium-weight carpets should supply a clip-on horse with some heat and at the same time be watertight and breathe-actively. It' important that your selection of carpet matches the form of your horse so that he can move around free when he chooses to extend his feet on the area.

When your horse has large collars, a carpet with a front darts is a good option, and if your horse is particularly busy in the fields, a carpet with a pair of back legs belts and crossing surfing rings can help keep the carpet in place. Check out our full instructions for purchasing turn-out carpets for more useful tips.

This carpet has a 1680 deniers balistic polyamide outfit. Made of 1000 deniers of balistic polyamide, this carpet is a sturdy and hard-wearing soft cloth for a watertight yet highly permeable shelter. Made of 1200 deniers polyamide, the tough shell is watertight, highly permeable and three-ply woven for added thickness with 220g heat resistant polypropylene.

Featuring functions that ensure the best possible shape and mobility for your horse. The new, detachable, tight-fitting fleeced collar provides variable climate control to keep your horse hot and cold from tip to toe, while the full wraparound cover is placed around the quarter for the best shelter.

Shape around the shoulders, the cup-shaped bifurcated darts work with the forward facing gore to allow a completely naturally move. Further characteristics includes snap fasteners on the breast, detachable belts and reflecting panel on the crotch and tails so that you can see your horse in the dark.

Further characteristics are front buckles, cruciform belts, detachable thigh belts and a large, folded tailgate. The entire Smartex assortment can be placed on a damp horse after training or wash and the dried food wicks away humidity, dries your horse and keeps the food on your horse's body without drying.

Featured with a 600 deniers water resistant and highly breathing rip-stop shell, 250g insulating material, chest snap fasteners and rubber resistant padding. Extra material at the withers provides for a large length of throat and more mobility. Rugged 1200 deniers full breathability and water resistant construction with simple to use fasteners, spacious triple pleats for full mobility and an anti-rubbing liner.

It' both watertight and air permeable with a 1200 deniers polyamide shell and a shiny polyamide liner. Featuring Horseware's classical, patent-pending Legbows, it is tailored to Horseware's safe collar designs for full mobility.

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