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Top rated riding helmets

What riding helmets are the most secure? I was talking about the importance of changing the headgear on a regular basis, as the wear of the material decreases over the years. Today I will deal with the subject of security tests. If you have decided on a new type of headgear, you may want to know which helmets provide the most shelter. It' s more difficult to get an exact response than you think, because in the USA helmets are rated with a pass/fail system.

Certified helmets comply with the American Society of Test & Materials (ASTM F1163) norm. The Safety Equipment Institute (SEI) carries out the primary task of assessing the compliance of equestrian helmets according to predefined safety equipment safety regulations. Helmets manufacturer make the SEI sample of each style and every quantity available for simulation crashtests using the ASTM method.

Some of the tests on helmets are shown below and clearly show how much better today's ASTM-certified helmets are protecting your heads than helmets of the past. We thought they were more secure because they were preferred by Jockey's, so I still have a vivid memory of when I - and many eventing riders - was wearing a Caliente hat!

So, given that the costs of an ASTM Helmet range from about $40 to more than $500, what do you get for the extra $450? The equestrian medical association said: "There' s no proof that higher-priced helmets or those that use extruded material test better than the other certificated series.

In the United States, we do not carry out comparative tests because one type absorbs more impacts at one point of collision better than another and then less at another point. There is no way to say that any particular type is better than any other without realizing where a single brain will be affected.

As a matter of fact, fashions can break the power because according to the testimony above, the helmets that offer the best protect are probably the ones that are least stylish because they are not the low-profile, slim styles, but the ones that make you look like a fungus face.

Attempts were made in the UK to publicise the Equestrian New Helmets Assessment Program (ENHAP) tests for helmets. It was led by Mark Davies Injured Riders Fund (named after a driver who passed away at the Burghley Horse Trials) and led by the Transport Research Laboratory, which is an expert in the field of hat inspection and has designed a new system of helmets for F1.

For two years the group developed its test reports and then released its evaluation of 55 helmets already certified by EN, BS, ASTM or SNELL. Of the 55 helmets, forty were denied as not secure enough. Results released in 2003 were highly controversial by the big manufacturers of helmets and the Britisch Horse Association.

The US manufacturer of helmets with the best marks was also the cheapest: Other interesting information that emerged from this survey (and which I have acknowledged elsewhere) is that smaller helmets perform better than these. So if you have a bigger mind, you are already at a loss!

Locate an ASTM/SEI certified hard hat that suits you well (there are now helmets for every type of head) and buy it - even if it is not the most costly.

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