Best Riding Boots for Horses

The best riding boots for horses

Justin Chukka by Justin Boots is a little higher on the leg than a traditional Chukka and holds just above the ankle bone. Functional boots are the best boots for equestrian sports, while protecting your feet and allowing you to guide your horse effectively in the saddle. Tucci Marilyn Dress Boots are the latest boots from Tucci.

Best 9 horse boots from 2018

Twenty hrs of research, videoography and cutting were needed to check the top selection for this miki. Whether you' re a racer, show or athlete, keep your horse-friend comfortably and safely on the track and in the ring with one of these practical boot-kits.

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Buying guide: Protecting Pferdestiefel

Supports, splints, leather, wetsuit, synthetic material, fleece, gels, buckles, hook and loop fasteners? There are enough different types, fabrics and choices in protecting boots to give you a pain. You' re just trying to save your horse's legs: Patricia says: "Higher-priced designs usually provide better fabrics and a better fitting.

Available in moulded plastics or charcoal shell styles for improved brush and impact resistance, gels or high-tech expanded linings for cushioning, better dressings such as leathers, detachable liner for ease of cleaning or alternate strap system such as hooks. "Shoes shouldn't be too thin or too loose."

A general principle is that you should be able to put a hand between your horse's boots and thigh. "When a boots wobbles too much (because it is too big or too loose), it can get dirty and cause friction," she states. When you are not sure if the boots are seated properly, ask your trainer, stable owner or a competent boyfriend for help.

This table will explain the five main models of boots, tell you what they are best for and describe the advantages of each boot.

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