Best Riding Helmet Brands

The best riding helmet brands

Zoo's Print Helmet Cover by Ovation. Helmets are the most important element of passenger safety. The Samshield Blue Shadow Matt Crystal Fabric Top Helmet.

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Equestrian Helmets have come a long way in recent years - and that is a good thing. This year, according to the 4 Helmes, 78,279 persons attended the E.R. for rideing-related wounds, of which about 15% were headed wounds. Luckily, using a certificated helmet can significantly lower the chance of suffering severe trauma from a drop or other horse-related event, and as further research and development teaches us more, we can look forward to even more safe, secure and protected safety harnesses in the world.

The times are long gone when a rider's possibilities were confined to a few types of silk hat that did little to really help keep you safe: riding hats specially developed for the type of collision and drop altitude that they are most likely to see on horseback are available in a variety of different designs and forms, disciplinary and convenient for any form of ruffian out there.

Especially as a westerner, I'm looking forward to a wide range of "Westerny" helmets that are becoming more and more popular on the scene, from robust, country trails or ranches to angular race strip stickers for the pace events detail. Recall that I accepted my default riding helmet as part of my stable equipment when I began teaching at the tender age of eight, drawing on one of those legendary Blubberhead - sculpture - riding schools variations - you know one, you look like a big old table tennis table that bounced around up there.

And I think our choices back then were whites and blacks and maybe blues. Similarly, my helmet I was wearing in the neighbourhood, while I was using my cycle as a fringe (between the riding lessons), was a single chromatic violet. Apparently, cycling hats too. Sure, yes - again the riding helmet has come a long way.

However, while I don't remember ever putting up much opposition to helmet wear when I was aboard a horses, there is always an issue that needs to be raised that a little additional self-expression might be useful to remind children that security is cooling. liability disclaimer: Helmet are developed for certain types of crash. However entertaining these bike crash helmets may be for the young passenger in your familiy, bike crash helmets are specially conceived for falling from a bike - completely different physical conditions are at work when a passenger crashes from a broken saddle.

For equine related activity please use only an ASTM/SEI approved riding helmet.

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