Best Rope Halter

The best rope holder

I' ve been so impressed, the halter is the best I've ever seen and I shop in Canada and the USA. Rigid holsters are great if you are in a hurry to hold your horse because it keeps its shape. The stiffer halter does not fall through itself and gets tangled just as easily, so it is easy to hold your horse. I am looking for a robust, high-quality rope halter. Rope halter is a very popular piece of horse halter when travelling with a horse.

Cord Holster

All our halter are made with a 1/4" twin rope made of high quality fibre. It is the same rope that many of your Natural Horsemanship clinicians use, even your preferred Savvy clinician! Availabe with 4 nodes at the nose strap for yearling and bigger. Please click here to see our Rope Colors.

In the picture above shown in the scope of delivery is not contained. Cord holders are for exercise only and should never be placed on unsupervised ponies. Make sure that your guide rope is always fastened to both FIFADOR straps. When you are only fastened to one strap, your fiatador will come loose, making the straps smaller and you will end up with a useless holster.

When ordering the earrings for your holsters, do not use them for binding, cross-binding, lungeing or working on the floor from one side only. Ribbons are for equestrian use only. Pulling it off the floor or during lungeing, the baador node can come loose so that you have practically no straps to fasten your line.

If holders with ring are used, no refunds will be made. Also if you want to include the deco cheeks, select this item from the drop-down list and enter a notice during the ordering process if you want us to use two different colours.

We would like to point out that our cheeks are made of the same kind of corduroy used to weave our sashes. The braided twin rope is stain, perspiration, mould, rotting and ultraviolet proof. That means that your rope stays in its pristine shape much longer without becoming faded, stretched, popped or extended.

So, I made the decision to order the four knot harness in Arabic sizes. We' ve expanded our small range of cords and holders with a new halter. They' re flexible, smooth (not too much), robust, they don't pale. I' ve got a hook full of halter straps and rope that's awful. There were two other rope holders, and after I bought them, I didn't know what I was miss!

It is very nice to see how I was able to customize the holster so that it complements my painting gall. Previously, my halter did not have the small lumps on the cheek, only one on the temples and one on the nostrils. I have a much better response to this pattern with more knot.

I' m very satisfied with my order and the support of this firm! Superb workmanship and workmanship. Well designed rope holster, which I have ever seen. Powerful but smooth. Mates and is easily adjustable. One of the great things is that you can compete with the plumb line to get the best of both.

I' m riding without teeth and I was looking for a smooth rope holster. I' ve been so struck, the halter is the best I've ever seen and I buy in Canada and the USA. Beautiful rope holders. Fits well with our big guys and is easily adjusted. This halter is of outstanding workmanship and our customerservice is the best ever.

I go here for all my rope and halter needs. I' ve purchased this simple arabic rope holster for my little QH. It was not clear to me what kind of room I was going to get, but this fits in well with the room in which I can actually expand. This rope is of good qualitiy and smooth. When I gave my rating, Miss Hollingsworth reacted quickly with information on how I could set my rope halter to suit better.

The holster was A-1, just as ordered. I will always return to B & Haltern for help.

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