Best Trail Saddles for Gaited Horses

The best trail saddles for gaited horses

" Special" saddles" for gaited horses" are all about marketing hype, not tack fit. ONE of the best places to shop for gaited saddles and turns is the National Bridle Shop. And when I compared them, my best advice was to send them the notes. Meleta Brown Freedom Trail saddle with round skirts for Jeanine's short-lived horses.

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Matching gaited saddles

For a Gaited to be able to adapt, a rider must be able to adapt to all 3 sizes of the horse's back. This system allows the rider to walk free without squeezing the shoulders or restricting freedom of motion. Damping the movements of the shoulders makes longer steps more convenient and fluent for the horses.

If gaited horses are unpleasant, they often hesitate to move about. Trail saddles are light and weigh 18-19 pounds. It is very simple to put on the horses and to lose and to reduce the load of your horses. Featherweight Trail and Trail Light are available with either British or West Rig to suit every rider.

Every seat is a work of artwork that has been created for you and your horses and will last a life time.

Every seat is a work of artwork that has been created for you and your horses and will last a life time. If you decide for a standard or customized seat, leathers like our normal saddles, but in a light model, in any other customized seat at this cost.

There are many different types of tree that are adapted to the gaited horses and can be used for individual saddles. Not only is it important to have the right width for the horse's shoulders, but also the wrong shape, which is concealed by the back -rests and cushions, so that the horseman notices nothing other than a bad-tempered stepping aside during the assembly.

For more information on our versatile harness please click on the links at the top of the page. possible on your new harness. In the following you will find examples of saddles we have made for our clients.

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