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SmartPak shop for Big D blankets for your horse! Large selection of sturdy blankets, switches, leaves, hoods and more from Big D. The Country Pride horse blankets offer superior warmth and protection at affordable prices. Large D ceilings found in: Justa-Fit Dura-Nylon V-Free Sheet with tail cover, Adjusta-Fit Dura-Nylon V-Free Guardian Bellyband stable blanket -..


Blankets Big D

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Personalised clothes and presents, horse accessories, stables accessories, British and horse westernsaddles, leisure and showwear and shoes, standard and thoroughbred racing accessories and more! Keep up to date with Big Dee's news, horse advice, veterinary advice and more! We are not associated with Big D Products, a Californian manufacturer of horse blankets and accessories.

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Featuring runs in the USA and Italy, as well as a few dozens of showpieces and eight studs, we buy many blankets, handbags and holsters all year round. Emphasizing the importance of design and fitting, we have found that the large "D" blankets and nosebands are excellent - we have confidence in workmanship, design and appearance.

The Big "D" product keeps us looking good, but more important, it is the Big "D" shape, wearing quality and longevity that are incorporated into these product that we need most from our showhorses, mares and sires. I' m training from the south of Oregon, where we have long chilly winter and warm, arid summer, so it's important for us to cover them.

I' m very accurate about how my showpieces look, which means that all of our blankets work, match and last. I have large "D" blankets that work well, the fur always looks great and I'm not worried that the blankets won't work out. It tends to take your halter for granted; it really is a most used and trustworthy workaround.

Then the first stage in the development of a relation is the breakage of the holster, then the working of a horse usually begins and ends with a holster. I need a holster that sits well and is very strong, Big "D" holsters are both. We can have more than 400 ponies on the farm during the breed. We always keep ponies, whether it is one of our ponies that waits on a practice course or on a hiker, or a young horse that is groomed for sales, or a brood mare - holsters and lines are important and are used 365 nights a year. Our "Big D" line never let us down.

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