Big Horse Feed

Large horse feed

The Big Horse Feed and Mercantile, Temecula, CA. Each year Big Horse Feed & Mercantile organizes an annual harvest festival for the month of October. Receive information, directions, products, services, phone numbers and reviews about Big Horse Feed & Farm Supply in Temecula, CA.

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Each year Big Horse Feed & Mercantile organizes an October Harvest Festival. The main tourist feature is our 11+ hectare maize labyrinth. As well as the beloved labyrinth, we have a host of family-friendly rides that you won't find anywhere else in Southwestern Riverside County; The vintage maize labyrinth madness is an anniversary celebration that unites the town on the historical Corona Ranch grounds for a whole days of vintage car thrill.

Complemented by the annual pumpkin and harvest festival, which includes the legendary corn maze every year, the Classic Car Craze takes a vintage turn to a family-friendly rural outing. Take part in the cake eating competition, where you'll search for delicious potatoes, potatoe bag racing and other farming fun!

During the weekends Corny and Crazy will patch up the pumpkins and spend to get ready to perform games, the labyrinth of maize, riding ponies (except for the first weekend), hayriding, cushion jumping, cliff, maize gun, face paint, canoe racing, rock face, precious stone mines and much more. We' ve got many family-friendly free acitivities in our pet-share centre, pet labyrinth, maize crates, digger shovels, pork racing, hoola hop competition, cake-eating competition, squash bowl and beer-sack-litter.

Clues to why we are Big Horse Feed

The Big Horse Feed is more than just a feed storage. The Corona familys part-time job, which has been in agriculture for more than 85 years, has been in the Temecula Valley for over 40 years and has seen the area develop drastically from a country to an city.

Big Horse Feed proprietor Rose Corona said, "When my bro was asked what was the best harvest a California grower could grow" and his answer was "houses. The name Big Horse derives its name from the identity that the Fellowship has gained from the great driving force of Miss Corona.

As draught horse (yes, like the Clydesdale's) were not a dominant or often seen race in the area, one always knew where the Corona Ranch was by just saying: You' re the one with the big horses!"

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