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I' ve spent more money than I'd like to think about carpets that don't fit my boy around his rather broad shoulders and chest! Fortunately, horse blankets do, too. One of our customers, who owns well-built Friesians, says that this blanket offers "a lot of movement for my larger horses".

Blankets Large Horses

Have a look at our huge range of horse blankets. If you are looking for switch carpets, barn carpets, nonwovens & cooler, practice papers or carpets for flies, we have a large choice of pull-again. Dealer of top labels like WeatherBeeta, Horseware and Shires. }; }; }; }); // Change the text of the switch to $(".toggle").on("click", function(e) { var filters = $(this).parent().().children().children(); if(filters.hasClass("hide")))) { filters.fadeIn().

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Horse Turnout Carpets | eBay

Throat is 140g. Rambo Optimo Horseware Tournout Rugs 7ft (new with tags), with: 100G+ Std Tournoute Equicator ZAMBEZI HORSE Jungle jusqu'à 77' 7ft3 Lighting fittings Templet Lightweight 7'3" Lightweight 7'3" Lighting fittings. 6'9" stock crossover. SHEEP PRINT 0g soft SHEEP PRINT lightweight without padding.

The Tempest Original Lite carpets are low profile and have a light but hard-wearing exterior. Rhinegold 6ft thick soft surface. 2x Fal Pro 6'3" crossover cover, lilac and lilac. Don't watch out for my new horse, he's very sizable.

Carpets for large ponies

I used the Fal Slumberdown carpet when I had my old county horse. I' ve been advised to look at that carry Epic carpets. Did anyone use this site and what are the epic carpets like? I have a Clydesdale, and my boyfriend recommends Horseware's Amigo.

A 16hhh big shore with a long back and broad shoulder. Ebay still has FAL carpets and Tagg Equestrian is still sellin' them. Mark-to-dodd carpets are good for bigger ponies. I also think amigo is very kind.

I haven't yet found out about the Big Horse Store and will now take a look at this page. Caymen just got me a second-hand Fal Slumberdown on Ebay. Caymen don't go around the shoulder with Amigo and Rambo. I' ve never used this big horse store, but I have received good criticism. Profound and generous! fal come to ebay on a regular basis so if you are tolerant, you can usually get what you need.

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