Big Plastic Horses for Sale

Large plastic horses for sale

Your were looking for: Large Plastic Horses! Manufactured from durable plastic, this set is easy to assemble and absolutely inexpensive. Large toy trucks - large outdoor toy trucks - large toy trucks - toy horse stable. Filter results. Perhaps you had a traditional wooden rocking horse, or perhaps you were lucky enough to have one of these moulded plastic horses on feathers.

Bridles and saddles Western, Jack's Country Store carries a wide selection of accessories and tacks for Breyer model horses.

You' gonna want one, no big deal at your own age. Well, I don't know.

You' ve probably grown out of your rockin' pony since you were a little boy. If you are a horse-loving child, one of your favourite playthings is usually a swingback. Perhaps you had a traditionally wood swinging or perhaps you were fortunate enough to have one of these moulded plastic horses on feathers. If you feel too old to own such a plaything at this point of your lifetime, when you see these stunning rockers, you are sure to put one on your Christmas listing.

Join the most real swing horses you'll ever see. Those horses are real works of workmanship, and they were formed by Phil Henry. For over 40 years Henry has been working with horses and has taught and shown Appaloosas, Paints and Quarter Horses. As he withdrew from his telecom career, Henry began to take on assignments.

He had always carried out rider-related artistic work, but wanted to renovate a 100-year-old swinging saddle stallion for his daugther. Rehabilitating the swinging rocker was a resounding achievement, Henry next went to recreate a coin-operated journey. After the completion of these two ventures, Henry chose to develop these unbelievable rockers.

Reading equestrian literature and watching films to do research for the venture, he developed the overall concept. This the most pricey rockin' of all? He was working on a photo that he increased in height - the swing horses are about half the height of a genuine one.

He used a raster system to apply the design exactly to the timber he was working with. They are made from low and top quality cottonwoods, which are used for roundabouts. Stallions, heads and necks are made of massive wooden parts, while the horse's torso is concave to lighten its load.

I carve, laminate, sand, colour and mount the parts on a basis that gives the horses their sliding, swinging movement. Until today he has finished a Western Pleasure and a Hunter Under Saddle one. Every Schaukelpferd is delivered with its own kit of tacks. He is now open to customer orders, which means that he can create and colour the product so that it resembles this very particular animal in your world.

Horses are $3,500, plus postage. Would you like to order one of these unbelievable swing horses for yourself? If you want, you can get in touch with Henry via his website. Prepare to be a child again on your trustworthy swinging beast!

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