Biothane Driving Harness

Ecotan harness

Now we have a high quality Amish Made Biothane Driving Harness to meet your needs. Are you looking for a durable and easy-care harness? girth Now we have high quality Amish Made Biothane Driving Harness to suit your needs. Are you looking for a long-lasting and easy-care harness? Biothane, a man-made material that is thicker and more resistant than leathers.

Now we have five different Biothane Driving Harness with all stainless steel hardwares.

The harness kits we sell stand out: Bridles in miniature size: Price for normal harness: When you need help finding the right harness for your horse, call us. The following dimensions are required to find the right harness size: Cups with hames and collars are also available.

Also available are harness kits for teams.

Organic lane harness ("Legacy")

Featuring quick-release tractors, push strap and easy-grip rein. The driving bits are not supplied. Shipment charges are charged at the cash desk depending on what you have in your basket and the area you choose. Kindly notice that we ship to the EU and certain other European Union states upon your inquiry and make you an offer for the postage and packing.

For more information, please see our full shipping information page.

Black Biothane harness with brown accent padding

Miniatur harness made of high-quality biothane for the look of leathers and ease of use. Make driving a little more enjoyable, make driving simpler by removing tough maintenance, do more driving, work less! Comes with harness and leashes, harness and waist strap with tail strap and buckle, breastplate, tracks and driving bits.

Wherefore use a Beta-Biothane harness? High-grade raw and finished products make the world a better place. Biothane is the most powerful product on the market. Lasts longer than leathers or nylons, with little care. For your horses - heavier than leathers, waterproof and bacteria-proof.

The Biothane is more convenient on your horses than any other material such as leathers or nylons. All harnesses are made to measure and are available for every race and every dimension of your horses. Ideal for horses that are difficult to adapt!

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