Biothane Horse Harness

Bio-Thane harness for horses

These are deluxe harnesses made of biothane material. Biothane Horse Size harness. Harnais Amish Biothane fabriqué aux USA. These dishes are made of high-quality biothane. Appearance and comfort for your horse.

Hippopotamus Beta Draft Horse Team harness

Made by Amish design teammate harness with ham - - harness is made of Brahma Webb - about 5 fold thicker than leathers - all equipment is made of SST. The harness is fully reclinable and is suitable for a horse from 1600 to 2400lbs. Bridles with blinkers and 6x ? bytes, default clasp, lanyards - the client can select the umbrella length - necklace not supplied but available for sale.

It is the most common kind of harness used by professional transport companies - it is extremely powerful for security and easy to spray after you use it - the use of the harness has no effect on it.

Harness Made in the USA (Harnais Biothane fabriqué par Amish)

These dishes are made of high-quality biothane. For the look and feel of your horse. This harness is equipped as part of the basic equipment. activities all fittings are of rustproof steel, incl. the teeth. Bridles have a special headband necklace, a rosette, a check band, a full band of cave son nosebands and bay Betathan bridles with clasps and holders at the end of the teeth and a small push button at the end of the hands.

The chest is upholstered and formed in âVâ-like design, which help keep the chest neck away from your horse's trachea and allow greater mobility through the shoulders. Shoulders with bridle guides in high-grade high-grade steal. You can choose between reds, hunters, blues, navies, blacks or burgundies.


Zilco Tableware for all kinds of rides. Also at home in the training area, on the hardest cross-country track, or..... Zilco Elite harness has the same design as the ZGB, but has removable tracks that strap into the chest protector in the tradition. Includes bridle, 3.5" half cheeks, betah leashes, 12" hoses, slit tracks, straps and tail straps.

Includes bridle, 4" half buckle bridle bits, betah-line, slit tracks, straps and crupper. Zilco's SL harness series is made from the same high grade material and design as all other Zilco h..... Zilco SL Shetland harness is made to fit Shetlands and small Ponys for fun or show riding.

This SL Sportz harness was developed for Shetlands and small ponies in marathons or scurries. Double sided with a lot of straps, bridles and tails. This is an economic option for riders who like light weight and smooth, simple setting. It' suited for all kinds of trips, for......

The ZGB Harness was developed for the hardest marathons and offers integrated flexibility between individual, couple and group.

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