Biothane Horse Tack

The Biothane Horse Tack

All we do is to improve the riding pleasure for horse and rider. Our belief that horse's neck should be functional, durable, safe and beautiful. Everything about Biothane BATATAThane? BioThane® BATA is a web-coated polyamide that is the best fabric on the horse market. It' thicker and more lasting than cotton or nappa skin.

This is a must for every horseman, because it feels better than leathers or nylons. Not only is it more pleasant for the horse, but also for the horse.

Is BioThane always going to look this good? In contrast to the use of Nylons, it does not pale with the passage of the years, its colour remains even after years of use. The best way to rinse off is with a little bit of detergent and soaps. What is the relationship between BioThane® and the horse? Is it going to grate or injure the horse?

You horse will appreciate that Beta Biothane is more convenient than skin. As it does not take up humidity or perspiration, it is less likely to scratch or excite your horse. It is also used for cushioning and is much more pleasant for your horse. It' also light than leathers.

What is the level of certainty of Beta BioThane in comparison to leathers or nylons? It' the most powerful stuff on the horse market. In contrast to leathers or nylons, every part of Biothane has been tough ened and tough. The BioThane can be stitched, shrink-wrapped or warmed up. The perforator works on Biothane and can be trimmed with a pair of shears or a universal blade.

For how long has BioThane been used in horses? There is BioThane for more than 30 years! What does BioThane do in colder weathers? Exactly as you have requested! BOTHTHANE does not cure and does not break. What does BioThane weight? We' d certainly not make it any harder than leathers, but can you believe it's 20% less?

Biothane Horse Tack for Endurance, Trail, English & West

Consider Biothane, bravo for you! There are almost no limits to what you can buy for new turning points, which makes it easier to be overpowered with options. As most of us, you have leathers belts, it works, it's nice, traditionalistic' requiring it, like some rule books. Expenditure on the maintenance of the adhesion of leather is only one of the reasons to change over to bio adhesion.

Biothan has been used in the horse sector since 1977. The Biothane "like" range is manufactured in China, Australia and here in the USA, to name but a few. Whoever you decide to make your new glider or your new turn insists on genuine Biothane, made in the USA, by Biothane, Inc. It was Parry Huarness & Tack that was one of the first firms associated with Bioplastics, the creators of Biothane.

BIOTHAN or BETA? The Biothane has a tougher "feeling" than Beata. It looks and smells more like it. The Biothane has a higher breaking resistance, making it the first grade for stirrup straps and most parts of the Driving Harness. Combining Beata and Biothane results in a nice sticky kit, with Beata for the scale and with a glossy, contrast colour for the forehead and noseband in Biothane.

Traditional English Buckles and the wonderful Horse Shoe Hardware by Jeramiah Watt in silver and black. The same or different coloured mouldings and linings are available in BETA or Biothane glossy leathers. Gray Beta snaffle and breast plate with black gloss (patent look) on the top.

It' wonderful! Bridles; holder bridles combinations, attach on bridles, headband bridles, hackamore headstalls, bit-less bridles, one Ear, dressage, hunter jumpers and school bridles, just ask. Holder is available in many different versions - Knap in Bite Hangers, Crown Bite Hanger, Jeweled Browband, Full Noseband or Holder Squares with variable skull.

These bridles can also be made for a horse, mule or donkey with delicate ear with a push button on the canopy. V Style chest buckles are supplied with O-ring, D-ring or horseshoe hardware for the centre ring with a 1" belt on the belt with press stud or British buckle, belts on the seatbelt and a belt over the toes.

Paso style armour straps, brow straps and nosebands, kavessons with or without bands, tie holders, bit hanger, snap loops, belt loops, stirrup straps, sponge lines, pure poppers, trailer ties, adjustable barn cross ties, bucket straps, track straps, halter - full, grooming and combination are some of the different tacks that we have in store or can customize in your colour selection.

See below images of Biothane tack taken in the early 1980s and the newer one, the same colour pattern, in BETA, made in 2015. Here you can find images of tacks we made in the 80s and still use today! ALERT: We make MUCH better Trapez & Tack than we make new websites! We believe that we are making the best crockery and the best turn in the world.

We' re constantly add new items and try to integrate all the many different possibilities for harnesses and tack. We' ll be patient ly answering your question, sharing the many possibilities and guiding you to the right buoy.

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