Biothane Team Harness

Team Biothane Tableware

The harness is made of stainless steel, with many SS spots. The BROWN Haflinger Team Beta Biothane Hame Style harness. Easy care Biothane leashes with humped ends. Harness D Ring Style, Biothane, Team, matt, nice spotted, stainless steel. Biothane &

Beta ham-style tableware with chrome/stainless steel hardware.

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Receive a warning with the latest adverts for "biothane harness" in Ontario. These are older Biothane tableware with little or no abrasion. Hises are 24" to 26". That light harness would do a good job..... Premium Grade Genuine Grain Harness. Design of a Biothane belt with 24" to 26" ham.

It is a powerful, lightweight harness in new state. The Biothane Ministeam harness is in perfect shape with many commercials. The harness is powerful enough to work and chic enough to go into a procession. Includes 12 " to 14" high-grade ste... Nylons harness for a team of A-Minis - chest collarstyle.

The new Biothane Singles A-Minis harness is also available. The new Biothane Mini A and B tableware. Almost new Halflinger size forecast comes with seating system,Tractors seat,Rod,Shaft,Double Tree,Neck yoke,$1350.00 Company Also a Team Biothane harness is available for an extra charge..... Halflinger harness comes with bridles and leashes - triply British, silvery rivets, smooth grain leathers, high-grade hi-tech equipment, 20" - 21" - 22" clogs.

The Biothane Halflinger team..... Made-to-measure biothane show harness - Including 14 " necklace - ham - britchen gold - linen - bridles with side control. Manufactured by American Dishwasher Manual Strings. The new Biothane miniature harness looks like genuine leathers and comes with your own back padding in either white, green, red, green or blu.

Coloured Biothane 3 straps British team harness with spotlights

ARE NOW ALSO AVAILABLE IN THEIR SELECTION OF COLOURED BIOTHANES! 3 straps team kit for (2) British farmware. The fittings and spotlights are made of high-grade high-grade steal. Incl. high-grade high-grade steal-heels. The harness is supplied with bridle, bridles, names, leashes, crupper, reins and stomach supports for the team-kit. Sweet oranges, reds, greens, dark greens, greys, blue, blues, turquoises, yellow greys, bordeaux, dark browns, tan, chocolates, nay blues, kellysgreens. See colour-card.

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