Bit and Bridle

Bits and bridles

With its stylish comfort, Bit & Bridle offers unsurpassed quality for women of all ages. at the Bridle Tack Shop, Staunton, Virginia. All for horse and rider and much more! Encourage equestrian activities with stories and a distance learning program of videos.

It' a print and online edition of Bridle & Bit.

Women's Bit & Bridle Clothing for Sell

Nouveau ListBIT & BRIDLE Pale Bay Cord Knob Jaquet XL Ex. The BIT & BRIDLE cardigan has a lightweight white cord with contrast white contrast yarn, buttons, side pocket, side slits on sleeves and seams, grooved neck, length 26,5" sh/bottom, 25 " ap/ap breast, 18,5" ap/bottom sleeves, XL sizing.

Straight, abstracted printing on the front in Teal, Naval and Ivory. 3/4, roll tab sleeve. The back and sleeve are knitted in marine blu. Knitted corduroy fabric: Back and sleeve. Textile: Shoulders to shoulders = 18". Side-to-seam = 31". Shoulders to cuffs = 26". Please consider a ladies bit and a large sized waistcoat in perfect state.

With the garment lying low from arm to arm 23", shoulders to shoulders 17", back middle without collars 28", the arms from upper side of shoulders to cuffs 25".

Definition and meaning of bit and bridle

These two words come together (Psalms 32:9, the King James version, "Do not be like the steed or like the burro who has no sympathy; their mouths must be kept with bit and bridle so that they do not come to you"; the revision (British and American)) "otherwise they will not come to you," Rand, "that they will not come to you".

Methegh, which translates "bit" above, is actually a bridle or holster in which the bit was a ribbon that was looped around the lower mandible of the beast; reen has a similar significance. It is the advice in the passage that men should be willing to obey God and not be like the beasts that man must rein and reign to get them to do his will.

See James 3:3, where we have "bit" as a rendering of Chalino, "a bit" or "curb", "We put bits in the mouth of the horse (the revised versions (the Britisch and American) "bridles") so that they can listen to us". "Bridle " appears as a separate interpretation of methhegh (2 Samuel 8:1), "David took Metheg-ammah," King James versions margins "the bridle of Ammah," the Revised versions (British and American) "the bridle of the mother city," margins, as the King James versions; the significance may be that he has taken over, or taken over; "I will.....

Isaiah 37:29); "a bridle for the donkey" (Proverbs 26:3); again (Job 30:11), "They have also released the bridle before me," the revision (British and American) "and they have thrown the bridle before me" (unbridled); Job 41:

13, said of "Leviathan" (the revision (British and American) "the hippo"), "Who can come to him his bridle? "the American Standard Revised versions" inside his jaw? "the English revisited edition "in its two bridle ", others "in the two rows of its teeth"; Isaiah 30:28, "a bridle in the pines of men that makes them mad", the revisited edition (British and American) "a bridle that leads to madness"; of makcom, which means "a muzzle" (Psalms 39:

1 ), "I will hold my hand with a bridle", King James version edges "Hebrew, a bridle or dog harness for my mouth"; so the updated version, Rand. It comes to "bridle" (James 1:26, "bridle not on the tongue"; James 3:2 "able to bridle the whole body"; qualinagogeo, "to lead" or "with a little guidance").

We have" Bridges of Gold" (chrusochalinos) in 1 Esdras 3:6 and 2 Macc 10:29.

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